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CPU Miis

CPU Miis | CPU Miis; Sarah (Looks cute.); Susana (Underrated.); Akira (Has two exes.); Siobhán (Youngest Mii on my island to get married.); Rachel (Same with Akira.); Takumi (Also called Prince Takumi.); Barbara (Got together with David and then got married to him.); Bernardo (Made a cameo in a Poofesure video.); David (Wii U) (Same with Bernardo.); Ian (He’s not a PRO in table tennis but he uses a shoe slipper.); Tommy and Tyrone (Have evil grins.); Joost (He looks horrifying.); Julie (Has the maximum size of mouth.); Hiroshi (Same with Julie.); Hiromi (Pissed me off in Table Tennis.); Ursula (Has a rip-off account in a Wii Sports fandom.); Yoko (IDK.); Keiko (Has a big mouth.); Skip (Has an appalling name.); Xue-Ren (My 2nd least favourite Beginner Mii.); Greg (I don’t get why he is a trainer in Table Tennis Return Challenge.); Matthew (I called him Matthew so that i don’t confuse him to Matt, but he sucks in Boxing.); Elena 2 (Is an annoying beginner Mii.); Elena (An irritating master Mii.); Abe and Chris (They look depressed.); Ren (Annoying in Baseball.); Rin (Is a PRO when you are one win away from being a PRO is Baseball.); Megan (Is not a PRO in any sport and she is ranked 100th.); Martin (He is 99th in the Wii Sports rankings, but is a PRO in Cycling.); Theo (Is a fivehead.); Asami (Is a goldfish.); Steve (Has small eyes.); Mike (Overrated in Baseball.); Saburo (Is a PRO in every sport in Wii Sports, But his average skill in Wii Sports Resort is between 800 and 899. Yuehua (Has duck lips.); Michael (Looks like a school bully.); James (Looks pissed.); Jake (He is no good.); Clara (Looks better in the Wii.); Bruce (Looks evil.); Elisa (Cost me in Tennis practices.); Matt (Wii) (Fake Matt, Pit is a better boxing champion and pissed off M1trappy.); Tomoko (Her lip doesn’t fit.); Giovanna (The female Mii version of Voldemort.) | image tagged in rick astley becoming uncanny ultra extended | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Phase ???

Phase ??? | image tagged in phase | made w/ Imgflip meme maker