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Dear internet explorer...

Dear internet explorer... |  WHY THE HELL; DO YOU STILL EXIST | image tagged in internet explorer,memes,windows 10,funny memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
30,674 views 17 upvotes Made by H2O 7 years ago
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Hint: I'm new & it is more fun (if you didn't know) to post memes in the comment sections. Very hard to get many points just submitting twice per day. Not that many people see them, usually. And some of them are great.
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Yeah I noticed that. So I had to like a bunch of stupid Harold memes to get 1k points lel.

Thx for le tip
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It's just frustrating making cool memes nobody hardly sees. I did 10,000 points in 27 days & over 11,000 points in the last week. But it has to be fun.
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Yeah ik what ya mean
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going thru your stuff,... saw this thread. Here would be my advice to assist and have fun -
1. Always,.. be polite and respectful. Users are drawn to that
2. Initially,.. leave good,.. witty comment memes & comments,.. there is no limit on comment memes. Users will begin to see your comments in thethreads,.. you will get upvotes! Users will begin to visit your profile and check out your memes as well.
3. Avoid the trolls by ignoring them. If you don't comment,.. they are not there. =) I limit my comments or call them out at times,.. but obvious trolls I ignore. Other users that appreciate you will downvote a troll into oblivion.
4. I often sit on a meme for a day before submitting,.. I sometimes reword it at last minute.
5. I never make memes for other users. I make them for me and hope others share my humor.
6. If you submit a meme and have trouble getting it featured,.. ask another user to assist you by viewing & upvoting. Some users create alt accounts for this. I am not a fan of alts,.. I like doing it on my own. To each his own,... but for me, creating an alt means that person is point driven,.. and not having fun. It's all about fun! BTW,.. I will be glad to assist gettinga meme out of submission limbo if you experience this.
7. Have fun! I personally like the comment memes and comments more than a meme itself!
8. Some users "market" their memes. They post their own meme links to popular memes pages to get views. Again,... to each his own,... but unless its related in some way to the original meme,... users will see it as spam,.. and down vote or just get kind of fed up. You will see this. This is not to be confused with one user asking a friend to check out a meme he recently created. Users do this. But posting links to your memes to "market for points" is quickly recognized.

Didn't mean to be long winded,... but I had a few top users assist me,.. and the advice worked. I think you're good fellow! I hope this helps!
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Tysm! i rly appreciate the advice. As far as having fun goes, thats why I do it. Otherwise, I'd be wasting my life even more than I allready am ROFL.
I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful the community here was. Thx so much!
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You're really a smart guy,... may have been on other meme sites since you seemed to grasp how things roll a lot better than I did when I joined. But I agree,.. it has to be fun 1st. When the fun stops,... I stop. =)
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XD its just out there for dudes who gots...idk why its still up mercy maybe on the guy already gettin enough roasts for IE
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