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Business Cat Meme | Want to fix the US Economy? Force companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 to distribute 34% of their profits to their non officer employees. | image tagged in memes,business cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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No, get the socialist out of the way. It will fix itself. Socialist solutions in a capitalist system only make things worse
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Not investing in employees has gotten us to where we are though. Small Businesses - not affected. Just publicly traded ones. The ones where the stock success is on the backs of thousands of "low on the corp food chain" employees who then get stiffed on a bonus bc not enough money was made compared to forecast. So basically - dividends still go to stock holders , just not as much. Which are mostly owned by people in the top 1-7 percentile in wealth. But all the major work to get that completed was completed by people in the mid to lower income levels. Who have to typically take loans out to afford necessities just to be able to work (like a car).

There's a balance between Capitalism & some aspects of Socialism that make sense. But 1/3 of profits back into the hands of the people that did most of the work... Those people now strive instead of get by. That 1/3 is now in the hands of the people that do the most percentage of low end shopping that applies to tons of those companies on the stock exchange.

TONS of Small Businesses (Capitalism) choose to do Profit Sharing in the name of making their employees lives better. While most stock traded companies have Bonuses and such and perks - profit sharing isn't typically part of the equation.

Capitalism unchecked is leading the US into a hole it won't be able to dig out of. Socialism unchecked leads to collapse of society & ridiculous government oversight of everything.

Something different needs tried
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No socialism. That’s like saying “a little cancer is good”. Cut government spending, borrowing, and printing money. Teach tax codes in school, mandatory. Rich people need to be able to waste their money on frivolous things. Those frivolous things become necessities for the middle class. Examples: when first invented many items were not needed or necessary, Phones, cars, air travel, air conditioning, cell phones, home computers, TV’s. Just to name a few. People cannot live without them now. If you stifle the genius of invention, you deprive yourself of a future necessity. Free speech, free creativity, is being stifled.
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And the free speech is being stifled (in part) because of Stock Exchange Companies and their participation in Wokeness - Creativity is being guided to particular things instead of true invention... In part by, Woke Stock Exchange Companies.

There's a problem when 98 percent of wealth is owned by the top 93-100th percentile of people. Right now that problem is Capitalism left unchecked - mixed with a Corrupt Government. Our debt in the US didn't just accumulate over the Democrat Presidents and Democrat HoRs and Democrat Senates. It accumulated and rose under both - even under Trump.

How do you squish both situations? Put the spending power back in the hands of the people that do the most spending. Who is that? Stock Traded Corporate America Employees who consistently get the shaft from the Corporations they work for. Then - when more of the spending power is in the hands of workers, there's less money flowing to the "pay off senators to push this or that Bill" money. Which means less government corruption, because 1/3 of Profits at those companies... Isn't going to be in the hands of the top wealthy people, which means they won't be able to purchase Bills and Laws through Senators as easily.
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How about trying lower taxes. No taxes on new businesses, like $2,000 / month. Spurs new entrepreneurs. Less government regulations, less mandates. No subsidies, including milk, oil, solar, sports stadiums (no public funding) , electric cars. Eliminate minimum wage, raise overtime to 44 or 45 hours. Overtime wage should pay same tax rate as regular. These last two penalizes productivity.
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Want to fix the US Economy? Force companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 to distribute 34% of their profits to their non officer employees.