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Covid coincidences...

Covid coincidences... | image tagged in covid,truth,greedy,people | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I may be way off, but I'm sensing a connection.
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You're definitely ON TO SOMETHING, here... The only question is...what exactly?

There's a German Lab across town, in Wuhan, much closer to the Wet Market. The Covid PCR test creator, Drosten, is connected to that one. Nobody ever really mentions it. They do the same kinds of research.

George Soros is a CIA affiliate. Whether that makes him an "Asset" or an actual "Agent", is unclear. Microsoft works closely with the Intelligence Community, as well.

My Covert Operations Analysis, of the facts listed above, is that a series of CIA cut-outs were involved in fashioning the WIV into the OSWALD in this story. Oswald was connected with his book depository job by a CIA-guy in Dallas, at least months in advance of the hit. That was George DeMohrenshildt. His personal phonebook reads like a who's who of the Assassination-, and Texas Power Politics-, social club.

Relative to the US BioWeapons program, and the Covid Timeline... We have these data points, that are frequently ignored.

That's data from 2015.
This shows a Covid (and "Mysterious Vaping"-) -like Illness, running loose in the USA, no later than July of 2019.

So that ruine the China Bad Guy Timeline and Hypothesis, by several months, and thousands of miles.
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Also - the Chinese have their own theory... Which actually makes good sense.

Also - it should be noted that the Covid Virus contains a Gene PATENTED BY MODERNA, long before the outbreak. Also, Luc Montagnier and others saw a sequence that they recognized from "HIV"... So there's that.

I'm going include the rest of these links, to assist anyone following along, in 'doing their own research'.
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