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If God Were Just...

If God Were Just... | If God Were Just; 2024 Years | image tagged in trump,ivanka,donald trump jr,eric trump,jack smith indictment,if god were just | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
234 views 4 upvotes Made by AArchibald 4 months ago in politics
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Articulate the crime(s).
And, no, January 6th isn’t it.
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little archie... making us laugh as usual.
TDS 24/7... totally insane.
beyond help.
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I may be beyond help.

But Trump is certainly beyond help.

So deep in shit he aspirates his own excrement with every breath he takes.

76 felony charges, originating in 3 separate jurisdictions.

Malignant Messiah could spend over 500 years behind bars.

Yes, half a millennium.

I imagine you and your fellow seditionist-insurrectionistl comfort yourselves with the prospect of another Civil War... which you would lose just like you lost the first one.

But frankly I think it's time we consider dividing the "United" States of America into two sovereign polities (perhaps with some sort of overarching federation.

"Chronic Incivility: Is It Time To Divide The United States Into Two Separate Nations - One For Red States, And One For Blue States?"

Think about it.

And, tell a friend.
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thanks little archie!!
SO funny!!
:) :) :)
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If God Were Just; 2024 Years
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