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No joke/op ocs.

No joke/op ocs. | UT AU RP. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
262 views 3 upvotes Made by A_Random_Account 3 months ago in Role_Play
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be more specific? Which AU? Or do you just want the OCs to interact with them?
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It's my own AU,following a story similar to the original Undertale,but with newgrounds characters instead. So far,I've got most of Snowdin (of which is Nevada in this AU) completed.
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Humanized black impostor (without knife) | image tagged in humanized black impostor without knife | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Humanoid black: aight, what’s goin on here
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I've seen the comments below or above, i have the same concept, same story kinda, but different characters but still similar to the original
For example, instead of toriel, there's grown up version of Asriel, and instead of Undyne, theres this dude called the "Saviour".
And instead of Asgore there's Gaster, everything is changed but still similar to undertale, if ya wanna know more tell me.
Btw, here, when you spare (in this case) Asriel, the lets you go, but if after you complete the equivalent of snowdin, and go back, you'll find on the kitchen table a glass container with a monster soul, its small, the container i mean, so you can pick it up, which is needed for a true pacifist run.

Anyways, if on a genocide run, when ya get to The Saviour, its gonna he hella hard.
Plus i got something from deltarune and added a cool secret boss only accessible in a geno, the secret boss has way too many Phases and way too many mechanics, he is called " The Devourer of Souls" once you actually kill him, he drops a special item that gives you +15 defense and +20 attack, plus +25HP
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