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The republicans aren't sending their brightest.

The republicans aren't sending their brightest. | I have no idea how linear time works. | image tagged in angry brainlet,donald trump,joe biden,covid-19,lauren bobert | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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There are conservatives that cannot stand Trump anymore:

This is to show you that people in GOP are now starting to realize that Trump is a joke of a president. Although he did some good stuff for the country he is filled with very awful flaws.
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Fun fact, Trump false accused Ron DeSantis of being a pedo to win the election:

Am not voting for a candidate that false accuses his opponents of being groomers to win an election. Am voting for Ron DeSantis.
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So I’m supposed to believe the guy who was caught serving alcohol to his high school students and wants mandatory genital inspections for all students in Florida isn’t a groomer?

Yeah, I’m with Trump on this one.
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Also not voting for any candidate that falsely accuses their opponents of being groomers means not voting for most Republicans nowadays.
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    I have no idea how linear time works.