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It's Past Time for Joe to Go.

It's Past Time for Joe to Go. |  Forget
25 his 
sorry ass. | image tagged in memes,politics | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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the american education system has failed me because i have no clue what the 25th amendment is
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Thank you-
The Twenty-fifth Amendment (Amendment XXV) to the United States Constitution deals with presidential succession and disability.

It clarifies that the vice president becomes president if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, and establishes how a vacancy in the office of the vice president can be filled. It also provides for the temporary transfer of the president's powers and duties to the vice president, either on the initiative of the president alone or on the initiative of the vice president together with a majority of the president's cabinet. In either case, the vice president becomes acting president until the presidential powers and duties are returned to the president.

The amendment was submitted to the states on July 6, 1965, by the 89th Congress and was adopted on February 10, 1967, the day that the requisite number of states (38) had ratified it.[1]
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i find it scary that a meme website has educated me more than my schooling
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Are you really ready for President Kamala "Word Salad" Harris?
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No difference. Neither is in the decision making process.
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Forget Impeachment. 25 his sorry ass.
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