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Why won't it happen here?

Why won't it happen here? | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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notice every august this decade ends a government 2020 was lebanon 2021 was afghanistan and now 2022 is japan i saw it coming
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"... to accelerate the promotion of his economic concept of 'new capitalism'... the prime minister decide to speed up the reshuffle process in the government"

The article didn't mention it but the "new capitalism" they are talking about is not really capitalism. The WEF calls it, "stakeholder capitalism". It is just a fancy word for collectivism. What the WEF is in the process of doing is pushing global fascism on the world. Most all of the world leaders support the WEF, including Biden.

Trump was opposed to it and that is really why the left was told to hate Trump so violently. It is also why Trump had his re-election stolen from him. The WEF and all of it's allies are deadly serious about taking control of our lives. The UN set the deadline for it. It is in the name of their agenda, Agenda 2030.

They are using the fight against climate change is the facade to push this global authoritarian system on us. A system where "you will own nothing and be happy". I suppose in true Monty Python fashion anyone who isn't happy not having anything will be "hung by the neck until [they] cheer up" (

So thanks Democrats, for playing right into the hands of these morons. Oh and that fascism you keep complaining about, you just voted for it. Ha ha ha ha..
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