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Democrats Know Absolutely Nothing About Guns They Trying to Ban

Democrats Know Absolutely Nothing About Guns They Trying to Ban |  THIS BECOMES A BUMP STOCK; HE ACTUALLY BELIEVES ARM BRACE IS BUMP STOCK | image tagged in laughing mexican,2nd amendment,stupid liberals,gun control | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Please don’t take my guns joe!
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For those not following the s***show for gun control going on.
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The whole thing is a clown show. I watched the second half as some other youtube video I saw that linked me to it. Here is whole hearing link.

Here are some highlights. I am not linking the point but will cover them from the second half.

Republicans wanted additional amendments to the bill they were.
-Preventing the Department of Agriculture and Department of Education from being allowed to use these weapons. Since they were being determined as weapons of 'war' these two factions shouldn't be waging war. This was struck down implying they could be used as Defense. This is also funny considering they want to take the guns away from civilians using them for Defense. (Basically, strong arming government factions/take away private citizens rights.) And this amendment fail to pass to the bill in question.

-Allowing individuals that were victims of violence to have these weapons. Another thing struck down. Republicans pointed out women who were targeted or victims should have right to buy these weapons to defend themselves. But majority ruled against them.

-Allowing Court officials to have these weapons to defend themselves. Again struck down. They even pointed out the mobs that were targeting justice members. But, no no no. Justice members can't have these weapons either to protect themselves.

-Allowing Pro-Life facility members to have these weapons. As you know, many pro-life areas been targets of attacks and vandalizing. But no, even these clinics aren't allowed to have these weapons to protect themselves.

-Removal of the arm brace from the bill. The bill also target arm braces, which was the point of the meme. That dumbass believes the arm brace is a bump stock. Once more, this was rejected by the mass(besides Republicans mainly voting for the removal of the arm brace implemented.) So even handicapped individuals that need an arm brace won't be able to acquire one. Even the standing Republicans told them they were in a 'shitstorm,' for not being able to tell difference between the brace and actual bump stock. Not outright saying shitstorm, but the underline it was going to cause a huge fuss if they ignore even this.

There were some other things too. But I didn't watch all 11 hours, I will probably go back and spend some time on the earlier part of video as I started around 3 hour mark in due to another link on youtube referring to that bill going on.
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