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Where are you making this stuff up?

People not taking vaccines cause they actually research and look into it. Do you know vaccines are mainly still for Emergency Use Only? Minus the Pfizer-Biotech Covid 19 which was the only one really ever approved by the FDA.

Did you ever bother to read vaccine fine print? It says it may or may not prevent Covid. But you are all still fine with taking an experimental vaccine that may do more harm to you than good for a 'super deadly' virus that you have a very low percentage of catching to begin with.

Do you even bother to look up information involving the clot shots, strokes, paralysis and other adverse effects Covid Vaccine is known for? For something that is supposed to help, it sure has done a lot more harm than good.

But then again, ya'll taking medication from a man that can't even fix a computer but you expect him to fix your body.
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"True Christians oppose Transhumanism."

That's a pretty prideful statement considering all I said was orthodox Christian have no such doctrine. I am Christian, and I am Baptist, and like it or not, I'm just as Christian as you are. And I accept you may be a Christian, if ya are one, even with your ridiculous notions on vaccines.

I mostly agree with Transhumanism is in direct violation of the body is a temple but only in so far as prolonging life indefinitely. As for modern medicines, surgeries, pacemakers, organ transplants, and artificial limbs; these too may have been considered, at one time, transhuman... but they are; for the most part, benign.

"So again, don't know what you are talking about, but you apparently don't know much about religious factions or the different denominations of Christianity."

I'm well aware of different denominations. I just said no orthodox Christians have such doctrines.

The following Christian denominations have no theological objection to vaccination:

Roman Catholicism
Eastern Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints​ (Mormon)
Jehovah's Witness - Note: This denomination originally denounced vaccination, but revised this doctrine in 1952. An article in a recent issue of the church's newsletter promotes vaccination to avoid infectious diseases.
Methodist (including African Methodist Episcopal)
Seventh-Day Adventist
Church of Christ, Scientist

The following denominations DO have a theological objection to vaccination:

Dutch Reformed Congregations - This denomination has a tradition of declining immunizations. Some members decline vaccination on the basis that it interferes with divine providence. However, others within the faith accept immunization as a gift from God to be used with gratitude.
Faith healing denominations including:
Faith Tabernacle
Church of the First Born
Faith Assembly
End Time Ministries

Most of these denominations, however, are pretty recent. Even more so than Mormons and all were created in the 20th century. This does not make them more (or less) Christian but they are simply not orthodox denominations.

I have no problem with people claiming religious exemption toward vaccinations. But, it seems, far too many people believe their denominations to be among those that would actually exempt them.
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But you support brainchip Musk, eh?
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I don't support any chips, so don't know what you getting at.
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So you do support Musk, just not his brain chips? Which are f**k all in terms of being as alarmist about zero evidence nanobots in covid vaccines?
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Do you even read posts?

Maybe you need to take your tinfoil nonsense somewhere else. I already commented in regards why people don't take the jabs and you twisting it in a way that Conservatives are some conspiracy BS with vaccines having nanobots.

Also believe it or not, a good factor of people refuse to take vaccines due to religion, but I guess you will pass it off as nanobots or some other conspiracy theory nonsense.

Stop strawmanning.
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Hey, if you’re not pushing vaccine nanobot conspiracy crap then my meme isn’t directed at you.

I don’t really give a rats ass why someone absurdly believes the vaccine is more dangerous than covid, since the vaccine has a 99.6% survival rate over covid‘s 95% survivability rate (prior to vaccines and lockdowns.)

The only difference is you making shit up.

Musk actually is developing a brain chip tho. Yet no one is bitching about it.
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Again maybe you should do your research before spouting BS. There has been evidence of Vaccine clot shots. Vaccine causing strokes. And Vaccines cause paralysis.

I bet if the vaccine was piss and it would cure you. You would still drink it.
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“I bet if the vaccine was piss and it would cure you. You would still drink it.”

There you go making up shit again.

“Again maybe you should do your research before spouting BS. There has been evidence of Vaccine clot shots. Vaccine causing strokes. And Vaccines cause paralysis. “

But I’m not denying that. I’m saying the threat of vaccines is largely exaggerated. I said they have a 99.3% survivability rate. Which precludes any of your legitimate concerns if you are indeed someone who is at risk and not lumping all vaccines as dangerous.

My meme was about nanochips, my dude.

If you’re just as scared of Musk as you are of Gates, again; my meme is not directed at you.
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Your meme is lumping all Conservatives into some conspiracy theory in regards to the Gates Vaccines.

And as I said before the main reason Conservatives avoid Vaccines is because of the noted risks of the vaccine or religious purposes or honoring 'my body, my choice,' and not some 'voodoo' chip that may or may not be a part of it. So even if Gates produces a 'chipped' vaccine, that side isn't going to still default to taking it. Saying the NANOCHIP(if it even exists) is the main reason for them not to is outlandish.

While there are the tinfoil crazies out there, that doesn't mean ALL CONSERVATIVES are tinfoil hat wearers. I don't go screaming fire every time there is the smoke of some theory that rises in regards to whatever. I actually sit down, look stuff up and read on it to crosscheck. And as I noted again, many have their reasons to avoid being vaccinated. Trying to claim the chip is the big issue and believing a similar group is for whatever crazy stuff Musk is doing is overreaching.

That is like saying all Liberals are intolerant, good-for-nothings, racists, etc.

Also, regardless, a good portion of the Conservative side aren't going to even take Musk chip due to religious beliefs. Because implanting a chip into anyone is starting to sound like some Mark of the Beast s--- right there and the majority of the Christian front isn't going to have anything to do with that. Whether it is from Gates vaccine(if it even has chips or what Musk is doing.)
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I’m a conservative. I don’t think this way. No where did I say all conservatives, but I will say a fair few and far too many.

So spare me your white knighting bullshit.

May or may not be in the vaccine? You’re quite dense. Apparently in all that paperwork and research you failed to conclude there was no nanobots in the vaccine. I suppose that is the real reason my meme has triggered you.

Furthermore, there is no orthodox Christian doctrine against vaccines. So your religious reasons is also bullshit.
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No, I am not entertaining the Nanobot nonsense because again. That is Conspiracy Tinfoil Hat nonsense. I laid out the reasons people were avoiding vaccines and the main reasons people avoid them, but you keep painting the tinfoil hat agenda on Conservatives by making this meme and reflecting it towards Elon Musk's chip as well.

Pretty sure you are in the wrong stream to be gunning for such Conspiracies.

Also you are wrong again. True Christians oppose Transhumanism. Their main goal is redemption, not reinvention. And there are groups of Christians that oppose Vaccination in general. Especially those that honor the 'your body is a temple' belief. So again, don't know what you are talking about, but you apparently don't know much about religious factions or the different denominations of Christianity.
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