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Uhoh Toto...

Uhoh Toto... | image tagged in dororthy,not in kansas anymore,reichwing,facists | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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We are a Republic.

50 Independent Countries joined together in a Federation for common good.

With democratically elected representatives sworn to preserve and protect the Constitution.
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Well that didn’t work out very well did it lol
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It will turn around, wait and see.
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I just mean overall since the beginning. We’ve drifted so far in the Tierney that it may have to completely collapse before anything new can be built. I’m sure the founding fathers are turning in their graves seeing how the opposite of principles they espoused back then ate So Orwellianly true today.

Meh. I just remember that when life is hard, I’m gonna die someday. Whew lol
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Is the United States a democracy or a republic? | RepresentUs
Yes, the United States is a democracy, since we, the people, hold the ultimate political power. We're not a "direct democracy," but we are a "representative democracy.". This is where our history education might add some confusion. We are commonly taught that democracy is a product of ancient Greece. It's their word - demokratia ...
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