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Tell me your best substitute teacher stories in the comments!!

Tell me your best substitute teacher stories in the comments!! |  Substitute teacher; all endings | image tagged in teacher,school,memes,demotivationals,relatable memes,i ran out of tags | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
6,086 views 208 upvotes Made by AlexCJ 1 month ago
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In 4th grade, we had this guy as our sub and he had long hair and was covered in tattoos and had this big monster drink tattoo and he would always hold a monster drink and that to this day is the best I have other have because he didn't care what we did and he told funny jokes and stories.
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Haha awesome
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I had a sub once that threw a book at someone because they said words couldn't hurt them and they were hurt so everyone laughed including the sub.
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that is legendary
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SpongeBob Fish Vietnam Flashback | SCHOOL: | image tagged in spongebob fish vietnam flashback | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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i had a sub in social studies yesterday and lets just say its shocking how many kids think that just because the normal teacher isnt there they can go crazy
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Well yes, but actually yes
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nice alignment, painful ending.
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I got the comedic ending yesterday
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i bet this meme took a while to make
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Like 20 minutes
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The no-Show ending is the Amazing ending
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well said
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This meme is god-tier! I love it!
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in india teachers don't teach because they like to, they just f*cking do it for money, substitution is rarely fun. As they restrict us from doing anything nor do they show work to do.
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Oof that sux
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yes, just like indian government
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Yes. That is true. I hate school when we get mean and annoying subs.
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My actual math teacher last year was the last one
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got the satisfied ending because one of my substitute teacher also called ms c. forgot our homework
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Wait Vietnam? It's my country!
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lol i once had the worst ending
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    Substitute teacher; all endings
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