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Another one

Another one | image tagged in second,anime,conflict,june,august,2021 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
54 views Made by SomePersonn17 2 months ago in Anime_VS_AntiAnime
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So I've heard and saw that there's another war, so I made another timeline after a suggestion. Now this timeline is much shorter than the previous because I chose not to cover events from January 14th to July 27th, as most of them are unrelated with the cause and the course of the war. Again feel free to correct me on things that I got wrong, whether slightly or completely, and, just like the last two times I've posted here, no offense to y'all and you can take this off the stream if deemed unacceptable.
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Nevermind, I don't think that brings any good to this recollection
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Clearer version :
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