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How's about some Capitalism with your ideals?

How's about some Capitalism with your ideals? |  HE WHO HAS THE GOLD; MAKES THE RULES | image tagged in the golden rule,capitalism,money,mammon,idolatry,cabbage | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
116 views 2 upvotes Made by Zarathud523 2 months ago in politics
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So THAT'S why Democrats - specifically Progressives - seem to be trying so hard to gain power?! To have control over American GDP and, therefore, make all the rules?! Seems a shame that they seem to be burning their treasure chest full of gold coins to get there though...

Even more of a shame that what little is left over after our economy is toast will be in the pockets of the elites and not the people who protested so vociferously to get them across that finish line. Or at least, that's how history has shown Communism/Socialism to work...
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Both "sides" accept capitalism as a given. That's the foundation of our life circumstances.
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I'm not sure that "accept" would be an accurate representation of how both sides view capitalism. Especially when some on one side seem to be frothing at the mouth about it and blame it for all of America's problems.

To be honest with you, however... I feel I may have gone too hard in the paint with that comment. Though it's how I honestly feel, I don't think your meme warranted such a sarcastic comment from me. For what it's worth... I apologize if I seemed to come off a bit strongly... I may have been having a bad day at the time.
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