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 I must flee, and I know before  I fight him. | image tagged in when elsa doesn't have her phone | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Elsa Frozen | image tagged in elsa frozen | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hi everyone.

I've intended to send this to another person, (a Who Will Win debate we'll be having); but through my phone I've accidentally submitted it to the Fun Stream

With that said, against characters like Bi-Han, she is at a clear disadvantage because Disney did not give her any skill at unarmed combat. Faced with that, if I were her, I would in Jesus' words, "count the cost" before entering into combat.

Being weak is often seen as a negative, but to me, it can also be a blessing.

In a state of weakness one is forced to adapt in order to survive. It forces one to be more creative in order to compensate what is lacking.

Against characters like Sub-Zero she is clearly not as physically strong as he is; nor is she skilled in martial arts (so far, because Disney never placed her in that position). However, she can still overcome him by the following:

- Learn all she can about him: his strengths and weaknesses; his habits and his history so she can exploit and use them to her advantage
- She can also train in martial arts. If she was born in the 1800's she can learn how to fight in Savate, which is French Kickboxing. She can also learn Greco-Roman wrestling or Pankration (if she delved deep enough) which Sub-Zero has no training against.

Finally, she is intelligent. This is the classic Brains vs. Brawns fight that, while her enemy is stronger she will ultimately win in the end.
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I must flee, and I know before I fight him.
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