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Soul Type: Kindness - The most obviously good of the souls apart from Love, someone with a Kindness Soul will always strive to do the right thing, even with little to no benefit or profit to themselves. They’re just kind because they enjoy doing the right thing and are consistently willing to help everyone. This is what makes them unique and the most selfless soul in existence apart from Love. Souls of Kindness are genuinely good people to be around, but they can also be taken advantage of quite easily.

The Kindness Soul has one big weakness and this is ironically it’s refusal to fight, whether physically or for current world issues. Unlike a lot of other souls, who will fight for what they believe in, when asked to choose a side to fight, the Kindness Soul will be reluctant to fight and will just want everyone to get along. This refusal to fight can become downright selfish at high stakes. However a Kindness Soul that is willing to fight is possibly the most dangerous thing you can be up against; as they are the Soul that cares the most about others, they will fight to their last breath to defend the world they love, not for what’s ahead, but for what’s behind.


Soul Type: Cruelty- Just as a Soul of Kindness is known as the most objectively good soul apart from Love, it’s corrupted variant is perhaps the most objectively evil and selfish apart from Hate. Someone would have to break a Soul of Kindness to absolute madness in order to corrupt them into a Soul of Cruelty. This could include killing a family member or indeed anyone who the Soul of Kindness holds dear.

Regardless of what happens, a Soul of Cruelty is an absolute monster, even more so than the one who created them. In this state, a Soul of Kindness doesn’t just want to fight, they want to see their tormentor on the ground crying and begging for mercy while they step on their face because they want their tormentor to slowly face every bit of pain that they felt both physically and mentally, what’s worse is most of the time, they don’t even want to kill their tormentor, they will spare them not out of kindness, but out of the desire to add insult to injury by saying ‘You’re not even worth killing, you pathetic creature.’
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I'm not a 90's kid. But my dad did show me a lot of 90's nick shows when I was 8.
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