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I hate it here

I hate it here |  increases access to healthcare | image tagged in the two party system | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
85 views 8 upvotes Made by SoyChad_is_a_Communist 6 months ago in politicsTOO
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Left united | image tagged in left united | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hate it here on PoliticsTOO or on Imgflip?

Or both? Haha.

I can’t do anything about the almost total lack of truly Leftist discourse and discussion on Imgflip; however, as mod of PoliticsTOO it’s my job to improve the experience of our regular contributors, if I can.
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Yeah imgflip is just drek mostly. PoliticsToo is too Libby.
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I do appreciate you being on here, sloth.
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You hate it here?
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Sloth is one of probably three people on here I have anything in common with politically and I'm pretty sure one of the other ones deleted their account. It just such a political sewer. I don't mind you since you're at least willing to talk in good faith and don't just troll me like a 4channer. There is not much of a lefty presence on imgflip and ppl who just Stan the Democrats are not really very politically developed, they just play red team blue team and ignore the massive faults of their team when in reality both parties are just awful. Those people make up most of politicstoo.
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increases access to healthcare
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