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81 views 2 upvotes Made by sensei_Lucario 1 month ago in MSMG_RP
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Also quick rundown of Canon Lives:

Mods have three canon lives. when ever they loose one they have to wait 24 real world hours until they can join back into the game
if they loose all three then you have to wait until the end of the month to get your Lives back.

Also if any of your Oc's died they are forever out of the game. but at the end of the month you can add a new Oc that you haven't used before

If you are not a Mod then you have one life. if you loose it you have to wait until the end of the month to join back in.

ALSO! because I feel like no one is gonna kill I will add a reason to kill.
For every life you take, you will gain one more lives. even if you aren't a mod.
However when the life reset happens you will lose you extra lives... and you can also give your lives to Your Oc's

Thank you all Now let the fun begin!
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