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Is it really "Politics" in the EAM that you hate... Or just the EXPOSURE of your $hitLib Political Icons?

Is it really "Politics" in the EAM that you hate... Or just the EXPOSURE of your $hitLib Political Icons? |  . | image tagged in joe biden strom thurmonds pal,joe biden worries,first world imgflip problems,big tech censorship,mean girls shocked,memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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KylieFan_89 | And NOW WE KNOW - the rest of the story... | image tagged in kyliefan_89 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
So - PROOF of PAID DNC Disinformational activity, here on tha' Flip... NO WONDER that twat wants my Political coverage over in PoliticsToo - it's a MOD there... Here in EAM - we all stand on an equal footing - and misconduct by Moderators can be TRACKED.
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While The DNCIA NeoLiberal Corporatist Democrats pretend that censorship of the internet is for 'our protection' - and to be used only against White Supremacists and "Domestic Terrorists"... The reality of the New Regime in its first 100 days has already proven itself to be quite different. YouTube has summarily Demonitized several progressive channels - in some cases without warning. In other cases they've used arbitrary and invidious criteria, in order to enforce bogus "Community Standards' and TOS violations against legitimate Journalists, reporting TRUTHFULLY, in fashion that Contradicts the preferred narratives of NATO. Under these rationales - when Nazi Germany declared falsely that they were attacked by Poland, anyone who reported the truth could have been censored - for "Spreading Misinformation", "Russian Propaganda" and the like...or for "Undermining The Stability of the [AXIS] Alliance". A prime example is with Twitter's arbitrary and unjust Censorship of CODEPINK Co-Director, and Peace Activist, Ariel Gold.

As an example of why this is so dangerous - it is now proven that the UK's MI-6 and FCO have been using the BBC, Reuters, BELLINGCAT, and the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab - to spread PROVABLY FALSE weaponized Disinformation.

And it is clear that much of the same Disinformation has been brought back home to the USA, by outlets that reprint Pentagon Press Releases as "Journalism" - and quote the reporting of the previously mentioned MOCKINGBIRD "News" Organizations.
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