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KraiDemon Arkiel

KraiDemon Arkiel | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
106 views 5 upvotes Made by Easter-BunBun 2 months ago in Hell-Universe
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Best first
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So basically Dionysus XD
I love it
The scarf is pretty too
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Arkiel: Major demonic power. Born in hell. She is a KraiDemon which is a demon who is not royal or born into power but earned status and power over time. She is associated with Kain a lot as they govern a different Area of hell together from where Azrael and Lucifuge govern. She came into power because she was adopted into a high-class family and was allowed to therefore learn high-class magic. She trained until she could win against the current Ruler at the time and then challenged him to a duel for his position. She won and took his spot on the throne. She is carefree and generous. She likes to laugh and drink. She is roughly 22. She's been in power since she was 17.
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