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Going out of business sale! Everything must go!

Going out of business sale!  Everything must go! |  YEAH, A PARDON? THAT'LL BE $500K; MEDAL OF FREEDOM?
SURE . . . $200K, PLUS 20%; #TrumpCrimeFamily     #TrumpCorruption    #TrumpFail | image tagged in trump on the phone,corruption,crime,law and order,republicans,failure | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
156 views 10 upvotes Made by K.S.2 2 months ago in politics
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Actually, even the dumbass MSM states that there is no evidence of the pardoning being linked to Trump; it is linked to random people who tried to purchase it. Plus, you say Trump is linked to Russia? What the f**k?! Russia + China + Ukraine = Biden, bitches! There's actual evidence of this, but all that shit against Trump has been alleged for a while & not once proven. Hillary is even worse. Done far worse than just letting those soldiers die in Benghazi. A. Lot. More. Her e-mails, concealed murders, fraud, & conspiracy with Obama to develop the whole Russia hoax! So let me get this straight -- after calling the 2016 election rigged without any evidence & the FBI & DOJ linking this horrible lie to CROOKED HILLARY & OBAMA, all of a sudden you will call the presidential election impossible to rig?! F**king hypocrites! We have a damn lot of proof of voter fraud! Even CNN said so a few days ago! They may have said it's extremely little, but they conceded in saying that we have voter fraud before Trump could concede on something false, which he never did. MSM changes its story; first it says Trump is refusing to concede & that is lies about him conceding. Make up your f**king mind! & IT'S NOT LITTLE! Not even going to TALK about Biden. Oh, wait, I will! If Trump said the shit Biden said about blacks the MSM would be all over him! But the MSM does not report any of that nor the pedophelia of Joe & Hunter!
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Look at this wall of text.

A great big beautiful walk of text.

So much text, you've never seen this much text in a wall.

A wall of text crafted from butthurt and conspiracy theories.

Such a wall of text.

This great big wall of text that is TL;DR

We have the best walls of text
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Is ANYONE surprised by this? Have to pay off the Russian mobster debt, the back-taxes, penalties, & court costs, and whoever put the $17.5 million into the secret Chinese bank account.
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Trench Coat Sales Man | I GOT PARDONS, STATE SECRETS, PROPAGANDA, AND DEBT YOU BUYING? | image tagged in trench coat sales man | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Trump on the phone memeCaption this Meme
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YEAH, A PARDON? THAT'LL BE $500K; MEDAL OF FREEDOM? $100K EACH; MENTION OF YOUR PRODUCT? SURE . . . $200K, PLUS 20%; #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpCorruption #TrumpFail
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