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A Very "Regular" Guy

A Very "Regular" Guy |  I DON'T ALWAYS SHIT IN PUBLIC; BUT WHEN I DO IT'S ON NANCY PELOSI'S DRIVEWAY | image tagged in memes,funny,nancy pelosi,maga,san francisco,pelosi | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
361 views 5 upvotes Made by FunnyAndTrue 2 years ago in politics
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Not funny, but I bet you would.
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LOL That's a picture of the guy who did it you moron. Do you always spam people's pages like this when your TDS is inflamed and your panties are all in a bunch? xD
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Your name is "funny and true" brainiac.
TDS......the new thing the government controlled right wing media machine got you saying.

So obedient.
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"Your name is 'funny and true' brainiac." ROFLMAO Holy sh*t you are so effin DUMB. xD You said "I bet you would." The meme isn't about me idiot, it's about the guy who ACTUALLY SH*T ON PELOSI'S DRIVEWAY. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. This is why everyone says "the left can't meme." Not only can you not meme, you don't even know how to interpret basic memes. xD
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"Government controlled right wing media"? LMMFAOOOOOOO
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Have you ever wonder on your pea brain why the right wing media machine almost ALWAYS protects trump, no matter how bad he screws up?
I bet you haven't
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LOL You are so naive. When the FBI was running their illegal & phony Russia investigation it was the LEFT wing media constantly covering for them. You're too brainwashed to realize that though. I know you don't read or watch right wing media because if you did you would know they have plenty of fair criticisms of Trump. It's only the left, which is 95% of all media outlets, which lies about him constantly while pushing corrupt war mongers that you support like Joe Biden. The people know what's up though, nobody is buying your lies and propaganda. The only people dumb enough to listen to MSM are ancient senile fools and young naive SJWs dwelling in mommy's basement. Keep pushing your war monger plagiarist kid sniffer who can't even remember where he is or what office he's running for. The left was supposed to be the anti war party but I guess you guys are the military industrial complex war machine boot lickers now. Very sad and pathetic.
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"Illegal, phony " because corrupt conservatives surrounded trump and protected him?
I guess those blue lives don't matter huh?
But I like how you deflect , since you can't deny the right wing media machine is controlled by trump who is the head of our government.
Now you claim left wing is 95%?
How is that even relevant (if it is even true) to this argument?
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LOL Because the left is for big government you naive child. ALL LIVES MATTER, profession or color is IRRELEVANT. We're not racists like you. Your candidate wrote the '94 crime bill, and you claim to be advocates of black people. LOL Hypocritical scumbags. Keep pushing your racist war monger kid sniffing candidate, and keep a look out for that Durham report. ;)
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