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Just letting you know all lives matter is actually a common phrase used by racists to throw shade to the BLM movement.
Not sure if this was intentional or not but pls be careful you could come off as racist.
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All of this protesting is based off of a lie. The Liberal media keeps on insisting that the police officers who killed George Floyd did it because they were “racist” & hated black people. In case you did not know, a British media company had to leak the body cameras from America. That is correct - we needed another country to help us reveal the truth from our OWN country (by the way, thanks Britain). In the video, it is CLEARLY shown how the officers were not even using excessive force at first. They actually tried to de-escalate the situation. Now, granted you that you can tell that George Floyd was CLEARLY not fully conscious because he was very high on drugs. George Floyd claimed he was claustrophobic in the large police van, even though George Floyd was perfectly fine driving in a car that was half the size of the police van. The police officers were not pushing him, shoving him, or talking down on him. They stood by him patiently & even offered to roll the windows down. Around 7:45 of the video, George Floyd says “I can’t breathe" while he is standing up; he is saying "I can't breathe" while he is lying on top of a police officer; George Floyd is saying "I can't breathe" when no one is even TOUCHING him. The whole narrative was that George Floyd ONLY said that he could not breathe when Derek Chauvin was kneeling on his neck. But that is false. George Floyd said that he could not breathe even when no one was touching him. He said that he WANTED to be put on the ground. If you looked at George Floyd’s autopsy reports, you would see that George Floyd had a LETHAL overdose of fentanyl & meth. In case you do not know what fentanyl is, fentanyl is a more powerful & dangerous drug compared to heroin. While, yes, Derek Chauvin did deal the killing blow, it is 90 percent positive that George Floyd also died from drug overdose. He had 11 mg of fentanyl inside of him, which is enough to kill him. Not to mention, when you overdose on fentanyl, you cannot breathe. Even if we COULD debunk the drugs, we couldn't deny the fact that George Floyd was resisting arrest, & that the police officers were NOT RACIST. Do these police officers need to go to prison? Yes. Does Derek Chauvin need to be in prison for life? Absolutely. Did of all the police officers kill George Floyd because they were racists who looked down on black people & were white/Asian supremacists? No, they weren't. This whole George Floyd protest movement is built on a lie.
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The Democrats just call anyone who doesn't vote for them racist. Being white or southern or Republican or Trump-supporting does not define you as a racist.
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im pretty sure this was unintentional. i know who made this, and there not even 12 yet.
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All lives matter; White lives matter; Black lives matter
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