Is a problem shared always a problem solved?

Is a problem shared always a problem solved? | IS IT ALWAYS GOOD TO TALK? OR ARE SOME THINGS BETTER LEFT IN THE PAST? | image tagged in thinking out loud,moving on,it's ok to talk but does it always help | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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No, it is definitely not always good to talk about what is bugging us. Sometimes it is good to vent, provided you have a non judging soul who will do something other than make dismissive or bossy comments on your life and problems.
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Trust me, Deer... Trying to hush things up that happened in the past, may only cause them to come back later. Yes, I am speaking out of experience here. Of course, since people are not very clever and very eager to pick out a few words, leave the most important parts of whatever you say out, and use these few words against you by (deliberately?) putting them in the wrong context, you may want to be careful what you tell or most of all to WHOM you tell them. It is a fact that some people are just either assholes or morons, and well, you should know that as well as I do, by now. However if you know that somebody is trustworthy, then talk about stuff... As soon as you did find somebody who is understanding and willing to accept the story from your side, no matter how ridiculous, or embarrassing or even despicable, it will help to get through things. This is never easy, and there might be things that you may never find the right time (or person) for to speak about, but in the end, you will have to let it go, and by locking things up in your heart, it may only be painful. I've locked up tons of things in my heart (I never revealed it here because a meme site is not the right place to discuss them) and now that I can discuss them (and use my misery sometimes to base characters on when I write books), and that helps me to vent it out, and I can tell you, it feels like liberation.

Something troubling your mind that you don't know if you should talk about it? The fact that you posted this question implies so... (You don't have to go into detail and especially not on a public forum like this... I am just wondering. I am a caring guy, you know... I only have trouble expressing that side of me).
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