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From "RussiaGate"/SPYGATE to her continued attacks on Progressive Democratic Party Candidates... Will she never just GO AWAY!?!?

From "RussiaGate"/SPYGATE to her continued attacks on Progressive Democratic Party Candidates... Will she never just GO AWAY!?!? |  It must all just be Russia's fault... Or Susan Sarandon...or Bernie Sanders...or Jill Stein...or __________ | image tagged in what happened blank,hillary clinton fail,queen of warmongers personification of rot,memes,political meme,russiagate | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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This interview was a truly disgusting display of fawning, sycophantic, SOFTBALL "journalism". I didn't hear a single hard question - and she deserves them.

She talks about unfair criticism... You mean like calling everyone from Dr. Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders and Susan Sarandon - "Russian" assets - and blaming THEM for her colossal failure of a campaign. She managed to LOSE - to a creepy, crass, dishonest, racist and crooked Game Show Host. Is there some reason why we didn't ask about her campaign's STRATEGY - of promoting Trump over slightly less-vile GOP contenders? (It was in one of her downloaded and stolen emails, released by Wikileaks - it showed that her slimy campaign team, through their surrogates in the media, promoted Trump and Cruz - as a potential "Pied-Piper" GOP Nominee, to lead the GOP to their doom... I guess THAT must have backfired, a bit).

The "Russian Hacking" narrative, promoted by her campaign and their contractor - CROWDSTRIKE, and then parroted by the same people who sold us the ILLEGAL Iraq invasion, based on WMD-lies - has been thoroughly debunked by former NSA Technical Director, William Binney, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. And yet it has been used to ginn-up a whole media ecology of Neo-McCarthyism - to go along with the New Cold War, that she helped start, and continues to push in this interview. At long LAST... Have NONE of YOU, any decency...?

Comment continues below:
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.... continued from above:

No mention (in "the Frame" piece) of her support for an illegal Fascist Coup in Honduras - which is now a Narco-Dictatorship - whose desperately fleeing refugees, give Trump and his xenophobic, ethnocentric, and racist supporters, a bunch of poor brown folks - to fear, hate and abuse... She turned Libya from one of the most sucessful and prosperous countries in N. Africa - into a failed State, with open slave markets, and enough refugees to help spur a burgeoning fascist movement in Europe. Of course that did supply ISIS and Al Qaida with trained Jihadist fundamentalist "foreign fighters", in Iraq and Syria - so I suppose that she can't consider it a TOTAL loss. And of course her support for the lie-based wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, have also helped fuel Europe's migrant crisis - and xenophobia. She seems to have almost single-handedly been responsible, for making far-right conspiracy theories like "the Kalergi Plan" and "replacement" narratives - appear credible.

There are so many things that she needs to answer-for. Sadly, interviews like this one - and PR charm OFFENSIVEs, like this Riefenstahl-esque film - will never dare to raise them, or even ask the proper questions.

A REAL JOURNALIST - and "whistleblower" - Julian Assange called her a "sadistic sociopath". Sadly, between her helping to create the monster that is Trump, her theft of the DNC nomination - by acts of vote theft, vote suppression, and collusive cheating within the DNC - I'd say that's a fitting assessment. Her cackling laugh - as she talked about murdering Qaddafi...her calling for the unlawful drone-murder of Julian Assange... These things all speak to a level of dangerous crimnality; interviews of this sort, make KPCC and NPR accomplices - more than journalists.

Were she not such a malignant, pathological narcissist...she would JUST GO AWAY already... But the existence of this thinly veiled PR campaign, and her atfacks upon the PROGRESSIVE front-runner candidate, makes me fear that she's going to do everything in her power, to hand Trump a second term.

End comment.

John Lansing is the new head of NPR. Straight over from the US Information Agency's current identity as Global this and that - Broadcasting Board of Governors.
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Hillary "Ducks service" of the complaint from the lawsuit that Tulsi Gabbard filed against her for defamation and slander.
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Update - once the press picked-up the story - she HAD to receive the complaint.
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    It must all just be Russia's fault... Or Susan Sarandon...or Bernie Sanders...or Jill Stein...or __________
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