No deal

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I was talking to someone from Sweden, a white woman, who said that Sweden was happy to take in immigrants, but that they had to be incorporated into society and culture in a way that would not harm the existing residents of their country. Sounds like Trump propaganda to me.

So I asked her if in their system of healthcare (which Bernie would love to imitate, or at least borrow from, heavily) are healthcare workers govt employees? She said yes, they have to be for the whole thing to work. I didn't really need to ask, but sometimes it's good to get a confirmation from someone who lives under govt controlled healthcare.

To be fair, they do it well in Scandinavia, because their govts don't spend money like drunken sailors on shore leave, as our govt does. Plus, those countries are relatively small. I don't think their system could be scaled-up to work in the US.
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Greed is definitely the common denominator as to why Americans can't have nice things.
These people are also drunk with power and obsessed with control, especially Bloomberg.
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You don't have to give up your rights in exchange for goods or services
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