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Why people might look at you funny if you blow past "normal" racism and start complaining loudly about racism against whites.

Why people might look at you funny if you blow past "normal" racism and start complaining loudly about racism against whites. | image tagged in racism,the racism doesn't exist racist,no racism,minorities,bigotry,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Well, that is just stupid! Racism is just wrong period! All of this double standard shit is what keep fueling racism! It will continue in a vicious circle until people start treating everyone EQUALLY. I a white person shouldn't be subjected to racism just because he was born white and not a minority!
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"Racism is just wrong period!"

Did you read my meme? That's exactly what I said.

Yet it's not a double-standard to point out that it's *worse* to be racist against a minority population that (in the case of blacks) was enslaved for centuries, was subjected to Jim Crow for another 100 years, and did not win full political rights in this country until about 55 years ago.
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Animal Farm Pigs | RACISM IS JUST WRONG PERIOD! BUT SOMETIMES RACISM IS MORE WRONG THAN OTHERS TIMES | image tagged in animal farm pigs | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Batman Slapping Robin Meme | Racism is worse when it's directed at minorities BULLSHIT! IT HURTS EVERYONE! | image tagged in memes,batman slapping robin | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
What will happen when the "minorities" become the "majority" and whites become the "minority"? After all the confederate statues are torn down, no one will remember why everyone hates whites. Then the pendulum will swing the other way, and back and forth in perpetuity.
You're also spreading that stupid idea that minorities are helpless and fragile.
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It’s contextual. Example: A white kid attending a majority-black school is in the weaker position as far as being a racial minority. It’d be wrong for the black kids to bully him for that.

However, in a society-wide context, and certainly adding in America’s history of Jim Crow and slavery, it’s clear that blacks are in the weaker position.

If whites ever become 49%, they’ll be a plurality. Not a “minority“ necessarily. Other minority groups will still be smaller and weaker and more historically disenfranchised.

I don’t think speaking out against racism is the equivalent of assuming minorities are stupid and fragile. In fact you have already contradicted this idea yourself when you say “[racism] hurts everyone.”

We can and should speak out against racism even when it’s not directed at our own group.
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