HOW NUMBER 5 sees captchas

HOW NUMBER 5 sees captchas | HOW NUMBER 5 SEES CAPTCHAS | image tagged in captchas,number 5,short circuit | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I made a chatbot on It's not based on giving replies but instead giving the robot options to answer in a variety of circumstances. the robot's name is brian. there aren't a lot of good things to say about the robot but the robot will never try to censor you into giving the reply it wants so you can say pretty much anything you want to it. Unfortunately, in a low moment I did show a conversation someone made with the robot so it's very possible I'll do that in the future. It's because I entered it in a competition but the code had an unforeseen error that I didn't know about when it was sent to the competition and so it wasn't the same robot. the robot on pandorabots is very efficient though. you can say anything you want to it and I often do. keep in mind on pandorabots to create your own robot you need a credit card. however, you do not need a robot to talk to any of the robots. If you just want some company and want a robot you can talk to over thousands of replies and get unique sentences. give brian the robot a try.
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