Since i can't asy as much as i want here, pretend the image title is in the comment section

Since i can't asy as much as i want here, pretend the image title is in the comment section | THE FIRST KNOWN FLAWLESS VICTORY IN A BOSS BATTLE! | image tagged in history,bible,video games,games,geek | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I'm a christian who loves geeky stuff. And i thought about this and thought it would be cool to put it here, it might be lame and not cool, but i guess puting it here is the only way to find out.
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Great to meet another Christian. I believe I know what you mean about, not being able to say anything desired. I have trice posted Memes against antisemitism, but each one was rejected because it was seen by the Moderators or Administrators as "Harassment".

Not that I fault their judgment, but I wished they can read my mind that my intentions were really not.
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oh, that's not what i meant at all. Is just because it was too big to fit the title. But today, anything that goes against big tech google, mark Sucker-Berg, or the left's ideology, they deem nazism, hate, harassement, fascism, racism, sexism, fill in the blank-ism". But what do you think about the joke? I thought it could be lame but there was only one way to find out
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Ah, my mistake! As for your joke, it's quite humorous as it is depicting David over Goliah's body and the "Flawless Victory" in reference to "Mortal Combat". The victory indeed, was flawless in an almost literal sense, or in every way, and done almost effortlessly; which makes it funny to me. All David needed to do is run towards and sling one stone: "One-Shot, One-Kill" as they say in the military!

And, I'm actually a Right-Winger myself. Most of my post, for now, dealt primarily with the 2nd Amendment, but recently have done a political Meme on Illegal Immigration. The next meme of a political nature will be on Abortion.

As for the bias apparent in relations to the Big Techs and Liberals, I have heard of it as some posts have been removed for the reason of Hate-Speech. I'm concerned about that as I've often made political posts. So far though, none of my posts have been taken down.
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Take a look at my profile, it seems that you are a bit out of politics, so you might not understand a few things. But if you are into politics, and right wing, i think you will enjoy what i've posted so far
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