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You can still save yourselves...

You can still save yourselves... | image tagged in seti,bernie sanders,extraterrestrial,warning,save the earth | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
740 views 4 upvotes Made by WayneBreivogel 4 years ago in politics
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Smilin Biden Meme | "You'll never see Bernie on the ballot . . . . . . unless he runs as an Independent. Hillary is my secret source for this info."  Joe Biden  | image tagged in memes,smilin biden | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I hope he runs as an independent and hand the victory to Trump.
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Wow, this gets the award for dumbest meme of the week, imo. (at least so far... let's not under estimate the abilities of others to sink lower than this!)

First of all, SETI is the search for extra terrestrial intelligence. Not intelligence from alients in the future. We haven't figured out how to do that... yet. And in actuality, if you knew anything about physics and the distances involved that any potential messages we receive would have to travel, you'd know that they come from the past, not the future.

Second, if anyone is ignorant enough to believe that intelligent life on another planet would care a bit about human politics, particularly the politics of any single country, even the most powerful country on the planet, then they're even more ignorant than I could imagine. To be fair, this one is pretty much just my $0.02, but reverse the roles and imagine us finding intelligent life on another planet. We would likely be interested in their poltics, but not the point of choosing sides.
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