Chillax the F Out!

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What does a silly dog sitting in half lotus have to do with #Direct_Democracy? When it comes to the political or any subject of seriousness it’s all too easy to lose ourselves to anger and ultimately madness. I’ve seen it many times before when another seems not only lost in his or her ideology, but is angry and unhappy as a result of it. At this point such an individual is doing no one any good. 

To avoid or recover from such we need to find our spiritual center. And one need not be religious to do it. Finding our spiritual center is more about #self_actualization than it is anything else. 
I’ve found among other things I need to step back and allow some humor in my life. Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously and #humor helps ourselves not give into that so easily.

Also noticing the breath is another biggie. It is our anchor to our center and a huge key in helping us to #chillax the F out.

So if we are to be effective agents for change, we need to incorporate these elements in order to find #balance. For even if we do achieve to whatever degree our goals, it will have become tainted without finding such.

True activism springs from #Agape, which is Spiritual Love. Anything else is a product of being an ideologue and will only bring about more suffering. 

Yet our goal is the opposite of suffering. Our birthright is Joy. Remember, the right to pursue happiness. And what we really seek is to give room for that to grow.
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