Brains vs Brawn vs... Both?

Brains vs Brawn vs... Both? |  His chin is bigger than his brain. | image tagged in memes,brain,success,freedom,elsa,thanos | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Brain or Brawins; Pretty exterior-ally, Beauty or internally? Why are we so driven today to perfect our person and not reform ourselves?

Did you know that there was once a time when being intelligent was cool; not just looking good? It wasn't for the purpose of achieving distinction and eminence amongst peers (in other words, becoming a cool person in school), but to achieve the highest level of self. This is in terms of not just mastering a popular discipline such as basket ball or electric guitar, but spiritual and academic learning.

In the 16th century, whoever achieved this in showing competence or mastery of it is called a "Renaissance Man", That person, has reached the highest level of human development.

Now, not a lot of us have the time to read books as also not all of us are bookworms, but most of us do go to public, private, and home schooling... do we *not? What we're taught in school is what made Europe the most developed civilization on earth. Our civilization in it's current state is the product of centuries of development made only possible by the fact that Europeans value knowledge and wisdom.

*The only thing missing in most of our lives is a relationship with Christ, but that's what I believe (2 Chron. 7:14, Psalms 9:16-27, & 33:12).
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First, she gained knowledge of her classical Greco-Roman past from the Muslims who they themselves were inspired by. Also, through the same, came the sciences and mathematics such as Astronomy and Algebra.

What resulted was the European Renaissance when the said knowledges began to be mastered but also the arts. New sciences and mathematics began to be developed such as Biology, Trigonometry, and Physics.

Roughly at the same time, she also began to be literate as she acquired from China, a movable-type Printing Press, then the Bible began to be available in her own tongues. Ethical training now is longer confined in church buildings and on a single day but at home. Reformation began which soon lead to the 30 Years War.

And when the war finally ended, resulting in independent states as kings and subjects are no longer bound to the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire, new freedoms began to be discovered.

Men like Galileo Galilei no longer need to fear from a sole power of opinion but now free to research and relay discoveries. And with the English Bloodless Revolution, men like John Locke developed new philosophies. States began to compete and inventions began to be made, and soon, the industrial revolution occurred.

As a result, Europe began to advance at speeds no other existing civilization or people-group can hope to match. This was all due to the European willingness to learn and develop in every way possible. She began internally, and soon manifested itself all over the world. The Mongols may have conquered the most land but no other people have a greater impact all over the world than the Europeans.

This is not intended as a White Nationalist message but a lesson. We're a generation that no longer prized learning; and so how will our future look like? The Roman Empire was not destroyed or ended because of foreign powers but because it eroded from within; and then foreign entities took advantage.

What will our end be?

While nothing lasts forever, it would be shameful on our part if we meet that end sooner than it should.
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This was actually a response to a funny, but 8 month old meme "Queen Elsa VS Thanos" (

What drove me to write the above piece was first, the views seen of this in comparison to my day older meme response. Next was thinking how do I debate Elsa's superiority over Thanos. Then I was reminded about the generation we are now.

We are more tolerant than ever before, as we've made great strides in finally seeing equal worth in every human beings regardless of color and sex; worldviews and nationalities,... but we've also lost somethings as well.

Above is about the two that we no longer treasure.
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His chin is bigger than his brain.
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