OH, YEAH! I am HOT today!

OH, YEAH! I am HOT today! | YEEAAAHHHH..... THE TRUCKER TOOK AN HOUR AND A HALF OF YOUR 2 HOUR WINDOW GETTING THE TRAILER INTO THE LOADING DOCK. GOOD LUCK GETTING HIM L | image tagged in mission impossible,office space boss,memes,work,forklift | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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(Part 2)
Upon my return, I discover he hasn't moved, and call my supervisor to let him know. After the next round of pre-staging, I see he STILL hasn't gotten into place, and a coworker (who saw it) says the guy hit the trailer in Dock 1 as he was pulling out. One more pre-stage run, and I'm met by my supervisor, who tells me the guy hadn't gotten out of his truck to make sure he was in place, just assumed that he was when the trailer door kept him from going further back. Anyway, he is now going to Dock 7. My supervisor is as angry as I've ever seen him before.

I return from another pre-stage run, and my supervisor is LIVID! "HE'S IN DOCK 6!" he yells, because there was a trailer in Dock 8, and this guy didn't want to use 7. I open the door of Dock 6, and the trailer is crooked. Supervisor's on it, storming out to let this guy know.

One more pre-stage, and I return to be greeted by my supervisor, who says not to worry if I miss the 2-hour window. He intended to put in a report about how this idiot took an hour and a half to get into a dock. I start loading, and get down to the last few rows. Since we sell by weight, we calculated how much was loaded and how much more was needed. We reuse "gaylords" (large, 5-ply cardboard boxes of varying sizes) to hold the plastic we recycle, so there's not a standard weight that I could have calculated for x number of gaylords. As it happened, strictly by chance, I had pre-staged EXACTLY the amount of product needed to load on his trailer, so no more runs across the shop were needed.

We send him to the scale to be weighed again, and the weight ticket gets time-stamped. I had made the 2-hour window by 7 minutes.
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So, apparently, a trucker shows up a bit before my shift starts, and he's acting the total fool. Won't tell us what product we're supposed to load, won't tell us where he's taking it (being industrial recyclers, most of our customers only buy one type of material), and won't tell us the PO number (so we could've looked it up). "It's confidential, " he says. Even though the plant supervisor, the first shift supervisor, and my supervisor told him we can't load his trailer unless we know what's going on it, he wouldn't budge. Thankfully, the half hour it took to find out didn't count toward my 2-hour window. I still don't know how we finally got the information.

Once we knew what I was putting on his trailer, we weighed him, and my 2-hour window started. We tell him to use Back Dock 1, since it's the closest to the location in the warehouse where the product was stored. I admit, it's cluttered by the back docks, but most trucks we send back there have no trouble getting in place. Since it's cold, I didn't open the door of the loading dock until I had the first few rows of product pre-staged near it, only to discover that he's been sitting in the lot-driveway and not backing in. I signal that, you know, THIS is where he's supposed to be, and he yells something, but I'm too far away to hear.

I'm not wearing any cold-weather coat, hat, or gloves, just a sweatshirt, but he's not getting out of his truck, so I have to go out and ask him what's the problem. He tells me he can't use Back Dock 1 (the only unused dock in the back), so I call my supervisor to ask what to do. My supervisor is already not happy with this guy, but doesn't want to mess around too much within the 2-hour window, so he tells me to send him to Front Dock 2.

While he's getting his truck moved, I'm scrambling to pre-stage as much as I can, since now I have to move the product 4 times the distance. I have the door to Front Dock 2 open, in spite of the cold, so I can see when he's in place and I can start loading. He pulls into Dock 3, which wouldn't be a big deal, normally, but the door on Dock 3 is broken. There's a REASON we sent him to Dock 2! My supervisor can see the docks, so he knows this moron has gone to the wrong dock and runs outside to tell him. Now my supervisor is REALLY annoyed.

This guy backs into Dock 2, and proceeds to hit the door of the trailer in Dock 1. I figure I got time to make another run across the shop and back while he takes care of getting resituated. (Cont.)
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This is in relation to https://imgflip.com/i/2t14qk (linked in the comments) | AND LATER ON: *NORMALLY, TRAILERS ARE OFFLOADED AS NEEDED, BUT LIVELOADS HAVE A 2-HOUR WINDOW. YEEAAAHHHH..... AFTER BREAK, THERE'S A "LIVE  | image tagged in memes,that would be great,mission impossible,narrow black strip background | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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