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You liberals are destroying this country.
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Yep. He's doing EXACTLY as Putin hired him to do. The sad part is,most Americans don't want to admit the gravity of the situation.
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LOL Get your head out of your ass, libs. I could easily say your Obama was hired by the Muslim brotherhood.
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Batman Slapping Robin Meme | BUT..ALL I SAID WAS THE FIX WAS IN,VLAD! IDIOT,IT WAS OUR FIX! NOW THEY KNOW THAT U HAD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! | image tagged in memes,batman slapping robin | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Oh,really?Pray enlighten us with the financial ties between Obama & his supposed Muslim brotherhood supporters? Where are the emails,such as the ones between Trumps campaign manager & campaign security consultants & their assistants & the Russian operatives Now we know why Trump went through campaign managers like Kleenex & finally had to get an old friend of 30 + years to take the risk of collaboration with Russians to Trump in office. Now his friends are obediently falling on their swords for Trump trying to minimize his involvement so that his hustle may be salvaged & they can prop the rotting corpse of Trumps integrity up by pretending that Trump never knew anything about anything when he opened his own mouth as he so often does,to say that the fix was in before the election. He only shut up after he was told to can it by less statin-addled heads.

No,you couldn't say that with any degree of accuracy. Obama's father's religious background is about as significant as my mothers is-Obama isn't a follower of Islam any more than I am Catholic because my mother was raised in that faith. It would be like saying that Trump betrayed America because he married women from Communist countries. We all know that it was as it always is with Judas,about money. And unlike Obama,quite a bit of records, emails,texts,all sorts of breadcrumbs lead right up to Trumps door.Thats why he fired FBI director James Comey, & made that other poor fellow who took Comeys place take an early retirement! Trump fired two FBI directors for refusing to implicate Hillary Clinton when there wasn't any evidence. I don't mean insufficient evidence I mean NONE to suggest that any of the absurd Enquirer BS was true.The Enquirer deliberately paid to keep dirt on Trump out of print by buying rights to stories& at the same time paid $200,000 to get Washington Post publisher Jeff Bezo's private texts so he could be blackmailed about his mistress. The man who owns AMI is a Trump buddy. And Trump IS obsessed with revenge. He doesnt,boo hoo like the articles the Post prints. So a guy who should be just bringing the country has time to stoop to hassling a man who is what Trump will never be-a self made man! Of all the ridiculous myths Trump has perpetrated this almost as funny as the "landslide victory "- Trump was earning $200,000 per year, from investments Papa made him when he was 3! His "small loan" from Papa of a million dollars was actually more like $44 million. Yep. Self made.
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You’re an idiot. You have no proof of that anymore than I do. But keep acting like you do. Keep talking out of your ass. You people are worthless.
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