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no socialism

no socialism  |  NO SOCIALISM; GUESS WHO IS NOT VOTING FOR ANYONE WITH SOCIALISM AGENDAS | image tagged in political meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Doctor Strangelove says... | TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON SOCIAL SECURITY | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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We have one party that is for dismantling Social Security, and another party who wants to make more programs like Social Security.

Call me a conservative, but I just want people to leave Social Security alone.
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I would agree... You asked my thoughts... it is a forced loan made to the government by ME. I made that money. I expect that payment back in due process. It is not the governments money. It is MY money. I also have a problem getting MY money having NEVER paid one cent and getting benefit from it. I am seriously in danger NOT getting a return on my loan to the government in this SS. SS is not a socialist thing. It is me being paid for the money I paid into it. The government did not pay into My loan. I did.
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Then a party that wants it gone is no friend to us. When the Republicans in charge change that tune, I’ll be back on their side. In the meantime, these ladies who hate Trump and everything he stands for will do.

If Trump fought McConnell and the rest instead of aimlessly searching for affection, rally after rally, making false promises, and severely misleading his base, I would like him.

But this man has no plan, no strategy, and not one damn care for anything but his ego. I’ve seen the evidence, and you have too.

I know desperation when I see it. I voted Hillary, for Christ Sake. Were the tables reversed, I wouldn’t be singing unendingly loyalist bullshit.

I’d be asking questions and demanding-answers. Just as I am doing now, just as any person who voted for “the lesser of two evils” should be doing now.
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My friend, if you actually think Dems are all for saving SS, then you need to seriously go back in history and locate all the hundreds of millions stolen by Dem administrations. I am an independent. I get what you are trying to say. I am even kool with a person having a slightly different view than my own. That is not an issue. BUT, I am sorry friend, if you think proven failed economics is a way to go,then I cannot join you. I am more than willing to hold a hand out in peace to you, but not joining ya on that train. I know far too much of what is not right with that to go there. There is not a single Dem I would even remotely consider voting for at this time. I am not all thinking the Pres is some saint. NONE of then are. They ALL are loser, lying , a-holes. That is a fact. But not hopping on the train to crazytown. There are some things in life best left AS IS and not screw around with. That is how things happen that cannot be fixed. Capitalism (even with flaws) is incredibly better long term than socialism. It is just not even a legitimate comparison. But seriously. If that is your thing, then I wish you health and long life. Not my thing. We can still be friends.
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