A rather obvious fact,if you ask me

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Political correctness, to a certain extent, can be obnoxious.

It's all fine as long as you're not going full-on SJW.
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Only if political correctness is mandatory, otherwise it's just optional
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Yeah,I assumed that PC is mandatory when I made this meme.

But mandaroty or not,as far as Ive figured out,these are the definitions:

Freedom of speech - An idea that you are free to say whatever you want to say without any restrictions

Political correctness - An idea that you are not free to say whatever you want in order to not offend anyone

Obvious antonyms,if you ask me. Of course,if I made a mistake anywhere in my argument,feel free to correct me. Just don't politically correct me *bad pun dog smile*
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Freedom of speech does come with some restrictions for the sake of public safety, like you can't yell fire in a crowded theater, etc. But for the most part, yeah, freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want.

I think the difference is between whether or not political correctness is encouraged or required. If it's encouraged, then people can either abide by it or ignore it. If it's required, then it's definitely an infringement on freedom of speech. It's like if someone requires you to say please and thank you, or simply encourages you to.
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Of course,as you said,if being PC is a choice,nothing wrong about it. (Don't) Want to be PC? Go ahead. Who am I to judge you and tell you what to do?

However,I've heard that in some places like American colleges,PC goes way too far,to the point that terms like male,female,crazy,gay,and most ironically,political correctness are banned (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NmXgJwqGds)

Even George Carlin greatly disliked political correctness,refering it as soft language https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o25I2fzFGoY

To sum it all up,if it's not mandatory or forced,there's nothing wrong with PC.If it is,it goes as the direct opposite to the freedom of speech.
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I agree :)

And yes, way too many college campuses have insanely stupid speech codes and restrictions. I don't like that.
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. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Being politically incorrect isn't mandatory, but it's punishable by those that want to enforce it.

Apparently censorship is free speech if about 5 people say it is on imgflip.
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F**k , you'll just cry yo anyone who will listen. Boo hoo hooo hoooooo.
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Since you stupid jackasses keep confessing and showing up when I talk about the events, would it still be a TOS violation to use your account names in these things? I mean shit, you're here! What's the point of being coy about it?

You must feel really tough since I haven't retaliated. Good things come to those who wait ;)
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I don't really give a shit. Ha ha ha, retaliated? C'mon man you got nothing but hurt feelings and bruised ego. Nobody gives s shit about your sad conspiracy.
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Why do you even talk if you don't give a shit? You're so stupid. Quit huffing glue and do something useful with your free time when you're not Trucking or cross dressing.
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Because it's fun poking you. You're the new Chosanwan, with the added bonus of a chorus of voices in your head.
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Thankfully,I live far away from the US,and far away from everyone who enforces PC(for now,at least)

And as far as the censorship goes,it's just one of the many ways the governments and their (real) owners remind us that we have less and less freedom every day,and that they will have absolute control over everything soon(though I could argue that it already happened). Very soon...
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We were supposed to be in ww3 right now and the end result was going to be the New World Order where all those freedoms were taken away.

Fortunately Trump and the US military have come to save the world. :)
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As I said earlier,I could argue that it already happened,and that the freedoms that we have,we have because of two reasons:

1.They want us to think that we're free(though in Truth,the freedoms we have can be taken away from us anytime the owners like it)

2.It's useful for them that we have certain freedoms which we have(for example,you are allowed to drink caffetine and alcohol because the former gives you a lot of energy and therefore makes you a productive battery for the system,machine,Matrix or however you wish to call it,and the former kills your brain cells so you don't figure out that you're imprisoned and trapped within the previously mentioned machine. However,they will not allow you to use LSD,magic mushrooms,DMT,or other psychedelics,because if you did,your consciousness would expand drastically,and you would experience infinite Truths of the Universe,and you would realize what a scam all governments and authorities are. And if every human would do that,governments and churches would no longer exist,and human evolution would receive a massive boost.)

And about Trump saving the world,sorry to ruin the hopes and dreams,but even if he wanted to do that,he can't,because he became owned by the illuminati/reptillians/elites/owners or however you wanna call them the moment he became the President of the USA. To quote Nathan Mayer Rothschild:"Give me control of a nation's money supply,and I care not who makes it's laws."

And though I respect his attack on the CNN and other liberal news platforms by refering them as fake news,if he was fully woke of the entire situation,he would tell everyone to throw their TVs in a dumpster where they belong,and that they're called programs for a reason,because they program people to belong on one of the two opposing sides(left or right wing,liberal or conservative,Dem or Rep etc) AKA Divide and Conquer.

That all being said,you are one of the wokest IMGFlippers(along with CR01 and Lover_of_Truth) I've seen so far.
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Sorry for the late reply,been researching QAnon,like you suggested me to.

So now,about QAnon,or Q,the more I investigate it,the less I understand it.As far as I've figured out,it's basically Pizzagate on a legendary scale,but other than that,these are some notes I memorized from my research:
1. A pedophilia ring led by the Clintons,Democrats and Hollywood exists,and Trump is attempting to expose it
2. Trump is pretending to be a dumbass incompetent to be a president while doing all the work to expose the pedo ring in the background
3. The entire thing emerged from a bunch of posts on 4chan by a user with a pseudonym "Q"
4. The US 2016 election was rigged in Clinton's favor,but Trump still won(How he accomplished that,nobody explained.I guess the election was a TV show,and Trump had the Plot Armor)
5. The Robert Mueller investigation on Trump was a cover for the investigation on Clintons

The third note is enough for me to think that the entire thing is just a joke that went too far(not the first thing that happened on 4chan).Other notes may or may not be true,I don't care anyways.

Also,I know that a lot of Q-related threads have been censored(source: imgflip.com/i/2hu051),suggesting that the illuminati don't want us to know something from Q and there's some Truth in there,but think about this possibility:Banning the Q is one of the many distractions from the real Truth.I'll explain. By banning the Q-threads,intelligent people will grow very suspicious of that,and as result will think there's some Truth in there waiting to be dug out. But what if there is no Truth in Q? What if the illuminati purposely banned the Q-threads so people would try to find the Truth where there is none,so that people have a much harder time finding the Truth because they're looking in the wrong place? Ever thought about that?

Well,that's all I have to say about Q(for now). You also mentioned that my previous comment would be 100% correct if 2016 didn't happen. I just assume you're talking about the US 2016 elections. In that case: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IdhinuztGrw

Well,it's been very fun writing this. I expect your reply soon.
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You came up with 1 - 5, and are still indulging this prank? Trump as secret agent? So why is does cultist Grind complain about Mueller when he's on the same side? Why has no one else noticed this international ring of slave children eating cannibals?

Ask Grind about the arrests of Democrat bigwigs (everyone including Obama) Nov 11, 2018, who now reside in a new wing at Guantanamo. And also about Hillary arrested and sent there the year prior.
Yes, those are Soros clones of those folks we see on the MSM CNN fake nooze yadda yadda you're pulling poor Grind's leg, right?
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Hillary and top Dems WERE arrested in November. They were then replaced by shape-shifting reptilian doppelgängers so no one would suspect a thing.

2 ups
Regarding the reptillian shape-shifters,the theories about them that I've heard of usually revolve around the British Royal family,Pope and his Jesuits in Vatican,not the American Democrats(for example,I remember a theory that Princess Diana's assasination was done by the Queen Elisabeth II's henchmen,because the reptillians disguised as humans require human blood to preserve their human form,otherwise they return to the reptillian form,as well as to prolong their own lifespan. I LMAO when I heard it.)

In my eyes,the reptillians are nothing more than a metaphore for all humans,no matter their social class,race,nationality,religion etc,who haven't evolved and still operate on the lower brain AKA reptillian brain. No shape-shifting,no controlling the world,no human sacrifices to preserve the fake human forms etc. By that logic,it's highly possible that we are surrounded by reptillians and even might be reptillians ourselves! Okay,not the most popular idea ever,but you get the point

Of course,the way to stop using our lower brain and start using the higher one would be to continue our evolution,and at this point of our evolution,that would be done by using psychedelics,lucid dreaming,meditation,yoga etc (read "LSD:My Problem Child" by Dr Albert Hoffman,also watch any Terence McKenna lecture where he talks about psychedelics and his experiences with psychedelics)

I probably sound like a conspiracy nut right now,but I don't think I'm wrong about anything I've written so far x)
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And they eat live fetuses from Planned Parenthood, their fave really fast food joint.
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As I said,other than 3,notes I've written may or may not be true,but I don't care regardless. I wouldn't be surprised a single bit if it turned out that Hollywood and the Democratic party were full of pedos,but if it's such an organized crime to be called an international ring,I'm not sure,and again,I don't care. I've stopped caring about humanity and their civilization and societies a long time ago and it did not do me any harm.

And if the ring really exists,I wouldn't be surprised if nobody noticed it,because (in USA),people are too busy watching the Kardashians,a bunch of monkeys fighting(AKA NFL,NHL and WWE),complaining about kneeling in front of a stupid flag,going to McDonald's,KFC and other massive criminals against Mother Nature pretending to be food joints,camping in front of a store to by the new iPhone/Samsung/XBox etc etc etc

And no,I'm not messing with Grind here x) I do investigate Q,even if it turns out to be 100% pure bullshit. And if it turns out to be 99% bullshit and 1% Truth,then I will simply accept and acnowledge that 1% as Truth. From my research now,I'm not sure about the percentage of bullshit and Truth,though it would seem that BS overweights the Truth,but not by much.

Now,is Trump really the Hero and Savior under the guise of a moronic businessman? Personally,I think that no politician can save humanity from their absolute monstrocity and abominableness,even if they're just pretending to be a politician. Humanity is f**ked up beyond any reasonable and unreasonable scale,have done terrible crimes against Mother Nature and Mother Earth(and they still do),they divide themselves with and by religions,governments,cultures and traditions,nationalities,social classes,jobs,sexualities etc and they strenghten those borders and boundaries with nationalism,patriotism,racism,egos,arrogance,greed,selfishness,pride etc etc etc and by dividing themselves so,they destroy everything around them,including themselves and each other. And Trump being a patriot,a christian and a businessman,it can be said for certain that he won't do anything about what I've mentioned.
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Exactly! :) yummy yum yum
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Lately some even add Sriracha sauce and of course, a side of kale.
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The leftists sure go apeshit when they see Q being mentioned.

Q lies. When you research Q enough you understand why he lies: It's an intelligence war. Telling the truth all the time would be too predictable.

Q leads us to what he wants us to see. I've already learned that he's happy to have us believe lies if it paints the enemies of the US in a bad picture.

What he wants us to see is usually truth. Once you've seen as much as I have, the pieces start fitting together and distinguishing truth from lies becomes easier.

PowerMetal, try it out and make up your own mind.
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Ooh, you said "leftists"!!!

Guy, no one knows about this Q Anon thing except for a very few.
Those that do are either permanent adolescents, or more likely laugh at the silliness.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but Trump has always been a joke. We knew about him not only decades before you were born, but even before the rest of the US did. I even found out a couple of years ago I used to walk past his house in Jamaica Estates as a kid. Didn't know it was his, didn't care - nor did the family friends who walked me past there. Meet me on Croydon Road and we'll walk from there.

Double agent pretending to be a crazy imbecile since the 1970s just so he can bust Hillary & Co now because of emails? Grow up.
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What you've said makes enough sense,but there's one part that bothers me:"He's happy to have us believe lies if it paints the enemies of the US in a bad picture" 'scuse me,you have no problem believing in lies because it's talking shit about the US' enemies?

And you see,this is probably the biggest problem I have with Qanon. It centers itself around the US to the point that it even tries to make the US look like a victim,ans the US military look like heroes(a few symptoms of a disease called patriotism).But the truth is that,throughout it's existence,USA has been as much,if not,a greater terrorist group than both ISIS and Al Quaeda together(and considering that both are American-funded groups just adds to the American terrorism).
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Prt. 1

Awesome! I'm glad I sparked your interest.

1. Yes, this is one of many things Q has made public. It's one of the three main reasons Trump wants a border wall. The vast majority of trafficked children come through the southern border. If you've been watching the president speak about the border lately, you'll actually hear him talk about the trafficked children. He doesn't go into detail, he just says it's 'horrible, what happens to them'.

2. Trump is the God king of trolls xD.

3. Q's first post on 4chan was an announcement that Hillary would be arrested. If you believe Q then the true motive was to throw off the deep state and have them focus their attentions on the US while the good guys had 11 corrupt Saudi Arabian princes arrested. These were the same princes that are involved in 9/11.

The account was later hacked by the CIA and the operation moved to 8chan.

4. Trump won the election legitimately. Even with all the cheating and corruption Trump came out ahead because that many people really did want him to be president. The other alternative is the military rigged it. I doubt it. Hillary sucked ass.

5. This is debatable. Q tells the opposite. Q says Mueller is deep state, but has been known to lie to protect his people. This has created a branch of anons that think Mueller is actually a good guy going under cover.

I don't believe it. At best he's been grabbed by the balls and told to cooperate 'or else'.

There are two secret investigations going on that the media doesn't report on. Huber's and some other unnamed person. One definitely deals with Clinton. There have been a lot of arrests in Arkansas, including a former senator. Coincidence?

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1. Makes sense allright. VagabonSouffle asked a very good question when he said:"Why has no one else noticed this international ring of slave-eating cannibals?",though I think that my reply to him explans it(assuming the ring does really exist).

2. Hahahah,nice video! The "because you'd be in jail" part got me ROFL long and hard! Too bad it didn't happen...

3. Very clever of Q to do that,but why would the DS focus so much attention on the US because of some of 4chan posts that they fail to notice a bunch of Arab princes get arrested,even if those posts were exposing the DS? This is 4chan we're talking about here. The place is notorious for numerous pranks,deceptions and trollings. And every 4chan troll's dream is to have their make-believe story get news reportage(which apparently did happen with Q)

One think I forgot to mention in my comment above is that Q's posts aren't presented factually like the way you or I speak. Instead,they were written in a number of short and cryptic questions and sentences that had the readers figure out the meaning,which I think is the reason the theory got popular in the first place. If there's anything conspiracy theorists and internet users love,it's puzzle-solving.

Also,you mentioned 9/11 so: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VoUsVMZ3EJw

4. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

? Joseph Stalin

5. I highly suspect anything good will come out of the investigations. The owners won't allow the investigators to find out what they don't want them to know. They wil remove or falsify evidence,or easily abort the investigation altogether.And if the investigators do find out something,then the owners will simply silence the investigators,whenther it means bribing them or killing them,depending of the corruption of the investigators.
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Here's what I wanted to show you for #2. Took me all day to find this gem. The algorithms in YouTube and Google are strong.

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Prt 2.

About the puppet thing:

Every president works for someone. Historically, only three in the past 100 years have had a different boss than the rest. Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump. Everyone else has been a deep state puppet.

Trump is the tool of the US military. They are the ones in control right now. Flynn or Ashley are probably the real power behind the throne right now.

That video would be right anytime before 2016. It didn't matter who you voted for.

Trump is definitely not deep state. He's done things that go too far against the deep state agenda.

He killed the TPP (this alone should be enough proof)
He's renegotiated our trade deals.
He hasn't been borrowing money from the Fed like Bush or Obama.
He's pulling us out of the Middle East.

The list goes on. If you keep up the Q stuff you'll see it pretty clearly.

You've researched About Q. Now try researching the way Q anons research. Here are some really great resources and researchers:

Q stuff:
Qmap.pub (these are actual Q posts)
(This is where the anons meet to discuss things)

Here are some of my favorite YouTubers:
X22 report
(really great reporting, audio only)
In Persuit of Truth
(iPot. This is my go to guy nowadays)
Praying Medic
(his old stuff is really good, great for playing catch up)

There are such things as fanatics in the Qanon world. You've got to keep a level head. Q attracts actual crazy conspiracy people because they feel it gives them some sort of validation. I haven't seen any evidence that even remotely proves Hillary Clinton is a lizard alien.

The core of Q info is the war on the deep state, FISAgate and Pedogate (to a lesser extent). If you do the research you're going to find yourself days, weeks, and even months ahead of the msm stories. Qanons knew about Trump calling a national emergency to build the wall months before the reporter asked the question a week or two ago.

Good luck! The later you start looking the more you have to catch up on. It can feel overwhelming, but just stick with it.

Here's one of my favorite videos to blow people's minds. The watch is well worth it for the epic conclusion (it's what proved Q was real to me):

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This is hilarious, just read the President puppet thing...

Kennedy? That guy was not only part of the US machinery ("Err, uh, I'rll, uh, get us out of Viet Nam, err, uh, soon but, err, uh, not today"), but owned by everyone from the Teamsters to the Mafia. That's why there's so many suspected of killing him. A puppet of too many with conflicting interests.

Reagan was senile and literally asleep most of the time, for real real. According to his own testimony and Ollie North & Co re: Iran Contra, he was totally unaware of all the ops they did in his name, from selling arms to Iran to being the largest coke dealer in history. Just like Trump, he was a tool of big business and rolled back taxes and regulations. Slimming down goverment via privitization and subcontracting was to benefit corporations, who got the gov't money to pocket. Hammers and toilet seats costing $30,000? Talk about trickle down.

One thing Reagan wasn't was a puppet of Russia, unlike Trump. In addition to being his lackey, Trump is also being used by the rich and big business. He only thinks of the now, they think of tomorrow. He's over, they're squeezing him for all they can't get from anyone else.
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Kennedy wanted to do the right thing. He was the first to speak out and warn the US of the Deep State. It got him killed.

Reagan was a free man his first term. He tried to do right by America and it nearly got him killed, twice. When it came time for reelection, the Deep State took control. They forced him to accept George Bush senior, former head of the CIA, as his VP. A former leader of the organization that most likely organized his assassination attempts was now sent to be his handler. Reagan didn't know about the Contra stuff because Bush was in charge of it.

Trump thinks of America. Everything he's done helps Americans, big business America too. He killed the TPP, he's trying to kill the EPA. He's renegotiated our trade deals with Europe, Canada, Mexico, and is working on China. How does that make him a traitor or a Russian puppet? What has he done that's proven he's helping mother Russia more than the US?

I'm pretty sure that powermetal is smarter than to listen to the sites biggest libtroll and the leader of antiflip.
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NOW you don't remember TISA because you've found out Trump hasn't said anything against it for a reason. Ok.
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Oh wait the TISA is the new TPP. Yeh f**k the TISA. Guess i better read about it if you're bringing it up.
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Oh pffff.
TISA isn't active. It's still in negotiations and they are "on hold".
Trump is going to kill the Fed before TISA even gets a chance.
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Kid, you need to stop trying to sell your bs gibberish to people who WERE THERE.
Not everyone here (in fact, seems quite many) is a homeschooled Jr HS kid who is still too young to vote and whose entire world view is derived from sensationalistic lunatic fringe YouTube videos.
Some REMEMBER because THEY LIVED THROUGH IT, or at least, grew up with Kennedy being just yesterday. (Think how Bush/Cheney is for you (("Muh parents used to say that when W...")), same thing).

Kennedy was part of a corrupt influence peddling insider family that even had ties to Nazis. He made deals with everyone from Appalachian poor (who inspired the creation of Food Stamps) to the CIA to the Civil Rights Movement the Mafia and betrayed them all and everyone else too.
He also killed Marilyn Monroe, a famed actress at the time. That should fit into your Democrassasins crockpot (see what I did there?) nicely.

Your meds, take them.
And grow up.
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Yawn. I doesn't matter if you were there. How many millions of Americans were alive for 9/11 and still believe it was the "terrorists".

All you do is lie. I'll bet if I look into I'll find out Marilyn knew too much and had to be offed by the CIA. It's always the sex partners that know too much. Just like Anthony Bourdain.
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Same thing with Reagan, dummy. Those hearings were on tv for all to see. To many of us, Ronny is more than a "Tear down this wall" commercial for Nikes or some crap.

Trump sold us out to Russia, or have you not been paying attention to everything from his election to Helsinki to the news last week of his sealed (and likely destroyed) translator transcript sof his meetings with his master, Putin?

Funny you don't say your lies about his position with TISA anymore which is the real reason for his warehousing of arrested illegals instead of just getting them all the hell out of here already.
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Lies about TISA? I don't know anything about TISA. You're just throwing bs out now. I can't play with the trolls today. I already fed JereonBoks too much and i'm out of troll feed.
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Again, you silly child, unlike you, most of us LIVED THROUGH 9/11. So shush.
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Yeah,I assumed that PC is mandatory when I made this meme
3 ups
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The term "Political Correctness" implies a censorship of words, either self-censoring by the speaker or some kind of word-policing by the listener.

Mandatory doesn't come into it when there's a price, either legal or social, to be paid for not being politically correct
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True, but if it's not mandatory, people don't have to abide by it, even if there are possible consequences.

And speech already has social and legal consequences. If you walk up to a random woman at Tesco and say "I want to shag you silly!" there will be social, if not legal, consequences. Society has many many unwritten rules regarding speech, behavior and conduct. Even little things like making eye contact for too long or not making eye contact at all result in reactions from people.
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