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Putin's Puppet - Good Boy Donald

Putin's Puppet - Good Boy Donald |  The world is; Good boy Donald! MINE! | image tagged in putin puppet,trump ditches the world,trump puppet,trump fail,trump russia collusion,trump lies | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Aye,who says old mongrels can't be bought to heel if the leash be firm enough? I'd describe Trump as an old dog,but respect for the breed prevents me from insulting dogs in such a deadly manner.
See,dogs are loyal creatures, & Trump knows nothing of loyalty.
Nor does he know courage,nor love for anyone but himself.
I've seen tiny dogs fight like tigers to defend a person or pup the dog loved.
So I guess we can't really call Donnie-boy a dog,it's not quite fair to dogs.
Let's call him what he is- a mangy rabid hybrid scavenger...oh my...dare I speculate that we've uncovered an explanation for the Chupacabra?
From Florida to Russia creatures with huge appetites raid henhouse & goatherds with abandon. I wouldn't put it past Putin to keep such pets handy for sadisticallly intimidating women he fears so he can obtain the upper hand. Just as he did with poor Angela Merkel by insisting on bringing his dogs to meetings.
. Its sad,but people like Putin,& his pet,Trump,are two of a kind;bullies who seek to intimidate to gain power. Its a sad commentary on how little we have progressed as a species that we are deceived so easily by such men.
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The world is; Good boy Donald! MINE!
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