It's already Thrillerween here. I'm in "the future" aka Oz. My sleep is always screwed lol

It's already Thrillerween here. I'm in "the future" aka Oz. My sleep is always screwed lol | HAPPY THRILLERWEEN YOU BLOODY ZOMBIES! | image tagged in mj thriller zombie,halloween,thrillerween,memes,funny,michael jackson | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Please give this underrated gem a view *spoiler alert* the mayor is MJ in disguise :D
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Happy Halloween!
I watched all 33 mins of the short ...... WOW, M.J is such an all round entertainer. ( the cgi artists and extras need some applause too )
Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.
He truly was the K.O.P.

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Happy Hallow(thriller)ween to you too! the credits had some cool behind the scenes footage too lol... yeah Ghost is not too well known unfortunately unless you're a die-hard fan. I think quite a bit of CGI (or was it something else?) was used with the "invisible" blue power force thingy and the skeleton part as well as others. It's a bit surprising for something made in '97 (ok according to this video it started in '93?) this is some unreleased/behind the scenes. There is one particular scene towards the end of the video where MJ disintegrates into dust and the kids come up and rebuild his hands. I think that should've been left in the final short film :(
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I agree he was very creative even in the This Is It documentary there's a really cool "new" video for Thriller, and for Billie Jean he had this really cool light up outfit :)
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