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They knew he was the son of God at birth... why was nobody writing this sh!t down...?

They knew he was the son of God at birth... why was nobody writing this sh!t down...? | WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY EVER TALK ABOUT; WHAT JESUS WAS LIKE AS A TEENAGER | image tagged in memes,philosoraptor,oh jesus | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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First World Problems Meme | AS A MOTHER OF TEENAGE BOYS I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT | image tagged in memes,first world problems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Honeeeey! Can you go tell the son of God that he has been in the bathroom for over an hour and it's time for dinner!? Make sure he washes his hands and tell him to stop leaving my lotion on the back of the toilet!
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That's friggin' hilarious :)
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The Bible actually mentions him preaching to a group of people at the age of about 12.
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Yeah... I just... I don't know bro... I don't wanna....

They knew he when he was being born right? 3 wise men followed a star and brought gifts. I mean that is the best known story on the planet. They were wise men, meaning scholars right? Most of their knowledge they gained from scrolls, big giant pieces of paper that were cherished and handed down through generations. Back then it was pretty much either that or word of mouth right. They had the whole carved in stone thing, rather inconvenient but unbeatable for durability. My point being, in order to be considered a wise man, it's a safe assumption to say they became wise by reading from scrolls.

They knew thew son of God was being born. The creator of everything...

Nobody brought brought a pen? I suppose we're lucky we don't know at what age the son God first spoke, took his first steps, learned to take a piss without dropping his pants all the way to the ground... I mean we already make childhood a competition enough as it is. I could only imagine the horror of people trying to make their kids be up to the standard of the son of the guy that created every f**king thing there is.

So here it was, the son of God has been born. Nice thing that is there... well ummmm.. this is a knew situation for us you see. Lots of shit has happened before around here... you know... but nobody was really prepared for this... that's why I always say it's good to build yourself a manger... they come in handy they do...

So I suppose we are going to just piss off then. Can't really think of any reason to stick around here and see what he does. Got some sheep you know, stay away too long and you come home to a flocking nightmare. I better get home now, feeling kinda whoozy. Coulda swore I put water in me canteen this mornin' but it's all full of wine. MIghty hot it is today, drank a bit too much of it I have...

I love stories my friend, reading them, writing them, hearing them, speaking them, watching them, living them.... all of them...

It just seems to me to be an awful shame, nobody thought to write more down about the son of all the creation, the story behind the story, the reason for reasons...
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My pastor once told me (and I've heard this from other men of God) that the Bible doesn't mention anything about Jesus' look (what he looked like) and how old he was when he did certain things because it really isn't important. We know, based on the genealogy of Christ that he lived to be about 34 years old before being crucified. We also know that he never married.

We don't know his skin color, what his face looked like, how long his hair was, etc. What we see in portraits is just a general acceptance as to what he looked like. He was born as a Jew so we basically surmise that he was lighter skinned, but more of an olive toned.

Anyway, I'm not trying to preach to you about God, just stating that there are certain things we aren't told by God for reasons we don't fully understand until after we pass from this planet.
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It really isn't important... maybe it isn't...

All I know is how I think and feel about it and that is enough for me. The way I see it, is that if there is a creator of all of this, something or someone who made us. Capable of creating things ourselves, of even eventually figuring out how creation works. Then the story of what we are to become is not one capable of ending. Like the universe itself, what we are is only the sum of what has been created thus far. What we can become, is something we have yet to create a way to find out.

I love that word.. creation.. my boss gives me constant shit about it but I don't care. No other word represents anything more than that one does. Whether there was a plan or not creation is not only what made us it is what we were made for. It's really all we do, we create something to do every day, reasons for doing it, and how we feel about it after it's done. You can choose to try and create happiness or sadness, love or hate, good or bad whatever you wish. You can try to create something good and have what you created in turn create something bad. From that experience learn something new and create knowledge of a better way to create things from it.

All we can do is try to create as much as we can while we can and hope it all turns out all right in the end. If you choose to create anger and hatred then that is probably what you will end up with. Many people have existed over time that wanted to create pain and misery for others. Some even succeed for a while and horrible things have happened time and time again. In the end though creation wins. No matter how horrible a situation gets, what it eventually ends up creating is knowledge of how to create something better.
So if some day I day have a chance to meet our creator. I won't have to create an explanation about who I am or what I have created during the time created for me to have.

We will just go on... together... and see what it is... that we can create...
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