This is not a drill!

This is not a drill! | WARNING! DANGER! SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS ARE BANNING FREE SPEECH SEE COMMENT FOR DETAILS | image tagged in memes,blank yellow sign,free speech,freedom,net neutrality,first amendment | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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"Social media companies must do more than take down one conservative website. The survival of our democracy depends on it." - Senator Chris Murphy, CT.

Free speech does not exist on the internet. As an American, your first amendment rights are not protected on social media websites. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Reddit have started banning people who post opinions that do not agree with the MSM. Google has even been accused of modifying the algorithms it uses for information gathering to ignore unfavorable information. (It had the ability, it's already in action in China)

This cannot be allowed to happen to the US! Regardless of your political affiliation this will affect you at some point. Do not accept a world where everything you know is filtered or fabricated to keep you ignorant and in line. This is not what the US is about. Resist!

There is an evil force doing everything it can to control your beliefs. Please, for the sake of humanity, answer the following questions and read the articles in the links. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We all must fight for our freedoms. Knowing is half the battle.

Imgflip mods, I hope and pray you will continue to be advocates of free speech.

What is operation Mockingbird?

What is inqtell?
What is keyhole earth viewer?
What is it now?

When did Facebook start?
What is Lifelog?
When did it end?

What happens when you owe something like the mafia money? Favors? Is your will your own when they ask you for something?
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Those are private companies, they can choose who or what they post. They are not infringing on anyone's rights, those people are still allowed to express themselves as they wish, only not on that platform.
Being businesses, they want to sell their product to a wide a base as possible. If an intimidating atmosphere or one where members are being outright harrassed occurs, it is in their best interest to intecede. Public pressure as well as from sponsors is another factor.

The owner of Reddit himself finally resorted to trolling the site to expose and remove trolls who were ruining it, to the point that some had been trolling him and even threatening his life.

Such an ugly climate has infected this site (and yes, some may argue that I'm part of that). That's what happens with social media, a site grows, becomes popular, and ultimately trolls take over chasing others away, ending in the collapse of the site.
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You really need to answer those questions. They aren't as private as you think.

On the surface, yes they are private companies so the owners can do what they want. I'm implying that they need regulations to protect the first amendment.

These companies have demonstrated that they are cooperating to silence political opposition on what have become the new information hubs. They have monopolies on internet interactions and are using them to control what their users are exposed to. This terminates free speech.

People used to get all their information from TV and Newspapers. If someone wanted to control public opinions it was straight forward and easy. All they had to do was control the News channels and News papers. (Operation Mockingbird)

With the advent of the internet you might think that controlling information would be impossible without blatant and obvious censorship that Americans wouldn't allow to happen. This is true, unless every American chooses to use the exact same websites that expose them to information. Whoever owned those websites could tailor the information the users were exposed to as they see fit, which is exactly what's happening. What's worse is that they all support the same political leaders and are suppressing and demonizing any opinions that oppose them. What is the political ideology called when political opposition is aggressively targeted and silenced?

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. If you enjoy being a political troll like I do you should at least be informed.

The government needs to pass laws regulating free speech on the internet. Clearly it's non existent right now. At least it would act as some form of protection against the evil within our own government.
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It was probably downvoted by the people that believe all religions are equal while they themselves practice atheism. At least there is some fairness to the censorship on imgflip.

Social media sites are using the excuse that Conservative media promotes hate speech so they ban it. If users like yourself want to post images and memes like that it's not the Conservative media users fault but they still end up getting banned.
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You can tell it was a stolen meme, he added no caption, just like his current one.
If you look at the memes of others with the same complaint, most of them keep submitting memes they didn't make. Some even continue to do so after being told the mods sent it back to submitted for this very reason.
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"Practice atheism"? How does someone "practice" not accepting a claim?
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Always the inconsequential details with you...
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If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to practicing my nonbelief in leprechauns.
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It is retarded.
Btw, did you try answering those questions?
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