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Then read up in the Wiemar Republic and the rise of Hitler. According to the Fact Checker system at the Washington Post Trump has told 4000 lies in his brief tenure and 2000 of those were in the last 2 months! The man is narcissistic ego maniac who also happens to be a misogynist and a racist and if given a second term would bring harm to his own people and harming all the others first .
Its only my opinion and I respect your approach and ability to proffer a rational argument. Only the future will see if my views were right or wrong .
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My take on the fake
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So how many innocent people has he murdered? How many acts of genocide has he committed? How many concentration camps are around our country? In case you're wondering the answer is zero. He has his issues but he damn sure isn't Hitler. Please, for the love of God, learn some history.
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You cite history when the question is aimed at the future, which was tad strange? Anyhoo if you need or indeed wanted to put it in a more historical context? Then I would have chosen to juxtaposed him with Caligula (He was from Ancient Rome). A mad man who used the power of the mob to scare the senate, sound familiar?
This man has only just got started , he has camps being built and the wall in the end will be used like all walls built by dictators , to keep people in once the repression starts .
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Wow. Yes, I am very familiar with Caligula. In fact, I would compare Obama's legacy to that of Commodus...

So I'll try to be reasonable with this because I really do want to understand why you feel that these things are true. Yes, I do see Trump as a bully, but no more so than Obama was. He used the IRS as a weapon against those who dared to oppose him, so is there really a difference? Both disregard the authority of Congress to an extent, so why is it okay for one president to do it and not another?

Honestly, I see no proof of any concentration camps being built here. I see sometimes excessive force being used at the border, sometimes not. I see people being detained so we can determine if they are a threat. Maybe it should be handled differently, but at the end of the day these people are breaking the law just by being here. I don't think they should be terribly surprised by our response considering that Mexico would do the same thing.

Walls are interesting things, no? This big wall is intended to force people to enter our country through an actual point of entry instead of crossing the river and entering illegally. Terrible. But take into account the walls that people put around their homes, they are intended to force people to come through a point of entry instead of just walking in wherever wherever they choose and with whatever intentions. That way the homeowner has some control over who enters. The White House has walls that serve the same purpose. I built a wall around my back yard to allow my dog to run. Banks, military installations, lots of places have walls.

So why is one wall different from all the others? Is it because of the wall itself, or because of the emotional response that it incites? Or maybe it's about politics? What if Obama has proposed the same wall, would you still oppose it?

Again, I'm being objective. I want to understand more.
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