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Democratic city leaders: "Black lives matter! Stop the hate and violence!"

Democratic city leaders: "Black lives matter! Stop the hate and violence!"  | Gas Stations; in Democratic cities that haven't banned legally carrying firearms YET; YET | image tagged in open carry,firearms,gun control,democrats,blm,memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I'm in a red state, GA. But our capital is as blue as blue can be. My city has been run by Liberals for decades. Both cities are just testimonies of how decades of liberal control lead to failing economies and high crime. We don't even compare to big cities like Chicago or Detroit when it comes to the detriment of liberal policies and 'leadership.'
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GOOD NEWS! The unemployment rate in the reat of Georgia got as low as 13.9 last year! It'll hit the 4.1% of Atlanta in no time! Literally, in no time ever.
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Ahh, Atlanta, the only place in the South where people have real jobs? I mean, other than in chief industries of Walmart, gun shows, bars, cheap hotels, and BBQ joints.

HEY! It ain't that bad, As Chocatlanta's unemployment rate starts tapping the low 4.0 mark, the pig wallow & sweat rest of the state lags by a mere 9% or so, finally dipping under 14% last year.
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Roll Safe Think About It Meme | WHEN YOU SAY, "LOOK HERE AT THIS STATISTIC" BUT IGNORE OTHER ISSUES THAT'S CALLED 'MISDIRECTION' AND ONLY WORKS ON PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW BET | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Indulge me with you "other issues" that you had the sad misfortune of getting misdirected from by lil' ol' me.

Another fun fact - which you can verify for me via the plethora of billboards that adorn your rural highways advertising lawyers telling you how easy it is to claim Federally paid disability - counties of which 10% of the population recieve SSI, rapidly becoming the chief economic driver in their ever shrinking economies.

Is this your cue to start citing irrelevent Scripture and holler charges of Red Herring & Strawman fallacies to deflect from your pile of astute facts you're saving to refutate/rebuke me with some other day that isn't today?
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You didn't misdirect me because I know better. That was the point of the reply.

Your first sentence is a reasonable reply and request. Your "fun fact" is just adding to the argument that you were already making so that wouldn't be a red herring.

But when you started denigrating my personal beliefs, that's called an ad hominem. But I'll take it in stride. Thanks!

The economic statistics in a city are not the main issue when it comes to the livability of a city. Here is a little information about the crime in ATL from a non-partisan source so no one can say, "That's just a Conservative think tank or propaganda machine."

My city is 2% safer. Lucky us. We only had 30 murders last year in Macon-Bibb. The Liberals in our city had a $42 million surplus to work with 4 years ago, now they are down to less than $3 million and the city is no better for it as far as I can tell. We just voted against a 4 point millage rate increase on property taxes because they can't operate this city on a budget.

What do you think the Liberals in the consolidated government did? They threatened to shut down our public transportation, they closed the public libraries, and used other various scare tactics to cause their constituents to demand that they take a special vote in council to raise the millage rate anyway! Thanks Liberal politicians! That makes me wonder what taxes are like up in ATL, we are 2% better when it come to crime after all.
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10.43 million Georgia population

486,290+ Atlanta

8.53 million NYC

681 murders in Georgia 2016, of those, 111 murders were in Atlanta

285 Murders in NYC 2017.

That's with the entire state population just under 2 million people more than NYC's.
That dangerous, huh?

So not only does your 'city' (we cal those neighborhoods here) have almost 14% unemployment, it's a shooting gallery.

The Bronx - once the most dangerous town not at war on the planet and still synonymous with urban blight, had only 68 in 2017 murders with a population of 1.471 million, almost a third of them poor.

Dayum, you gotta get tha hell outta there.
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had only 68 murders in 2017*
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PS: You had a surplus courtesy of Obam's stimulus. That money wasn't going to be a permanent addition to the the massive subsidy you already got from DC, so of course it's dwindling. Compare that to what you had in 2008.
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wOw, almost forgot:

Pop 155,000
Murders 2017 - 30

Pop 1,471,000
Murders 2017 - 68

At almost a tenth the population, your city has a bit under half the number of murders of the Bx. If your population was the size of just the Bronx alone, you would have more than DOUBLE the murder rate than the ENTIRETY of NYC!

Gotta help me out here, brother, because my math sucks. I must be off a digit or three here somewhere (plus I have been sick with the flu AND now with gastritis too and got a bad headache), because I calculated your city (at 155,000) has 1/55 the pop of my city (at 8,530,000). 30 × 55 means if yous were us, yous woulda had a whopping 1650 murders last year! That's 1365 more than NYC's 285! Are you still undergoing the crack epidemic there? My math has gots ta be way off, cuz YOWZA!

Help me out, my brother, I must have miscalculated badly!
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Gas Stations; in Democratic cities that haven't banned legally carrying firearms YET; YET