Not very popular with the brits.

Not very popular with the brits. | "I'm very popular in Britain." "NO, YOU ARE NOT!" | image tagged in donald trump,britain,protesters,uk | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Tbh Before he ran for president Trump was well received, wonder why running and obtaining office makes people change face so fast.
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Some people, no matter how well liked they may be at first just aren't fit to be president. Also pandering fascists, demonizing minorities, and colluding with foreign governments is a surefire way to get people to not like you.
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Fascism you have the right to speak safely and comfortably I might add now people agreeing or being nice to you about your thoughts might not happen but no one has come to torture you so fascist is out. :3

Minorities are still also around safely we just don't want to be over run with Illegals that nvr manage to get into gated rich communities and demand rights in foreign country over it's actual hard working and legal citizens so how is that demonizing?

Lets not forget Obama told an illegal scared of being deported for breaking our law that she should vote someone from a foreign place that is illegal in our country so that's foreign collusion too. ^^
as for Russia it's been a dead excuse at this point I think Dems just can't take an L
there's too much red tape in our system to let the president openly work against our interests for Russia. Or if he was they would have found it already and impeached him.

People should study for themselves. Too many sheep being told what to do and say, too many deer seeing the headlights. Trump is too emotive to secretly or with any complex thought work for Russia the man is... a fool he talks too much. as for leading the country we had Bush in office at one point it doesn't get anymore stupid than that~ xD
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"I'm very popular in Britain."; "NO, YOU ARE NOT!"
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