Its not normal for kids to do a strong arm robbery | but on meth it is | image tagged in funny,demotivationals | made w/ Imgflip demotivational maker
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Meth is bad, but it should be legal, just like anything else a person wants to put in their OWN body. We should be in charge of our own bodies. Let mother nature take care of the rest. ;-)
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Now I think I know why nottaBot is being such a big meanie to me. Drugs do bad things to people, mkay? Sad kitty just got EVEN sadder :-((((
Drugs make people break the rules and sometimes they just don't care. I tried to help nottaBot in a comment I made here Follow the comment links I left there. nottaBot had naughty illegal links to his own memes. I was just trying to help him, you would think he might thank me ;-((( The strangest thing is, I noticed the number of nottaBot's comments in his profile went from about 5100 last night to about 4900 this morning. He must have stayed up all night scouring his history to clean all his illegal links up, the poor thing.... How do we help users like nottaBot coollewd?
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Its not normal for kids to do a strong arm robbery | but on meth it is
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