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ssby edition | LET THE SSBY EDTION 5; BEGIN; UNBREAKLP; ALIENS; GIVEUAHINT; JEFFTIMS | image tagged in memes,ssby edtion 5,unbreaklp,aliens,giveuahint,jefftims | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
840 views 15 upvotes Made by supersaiynblueyasir 5 years ago
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As I saw my name with that scene and character I laughed the shit outta me xD
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lol why
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1) Username: UnbreakLP
Character name: Banchina
Reason of why taking this anime character: this charcter also suffered from an incureable and it was sad thou the charcter wasnt plot related that much but it was sad enough to shed a tear. AND remember naruto said that a commandar never dies if it remains in a person heart. so ill keep you in my heart believe it
Anime: one piece

2)Username: Aliens
Character name:prince hata, prince baka, prince idiot, prince of idiots
Reason of why taking this anime character: so the similarity is that both are aliens and thats it im not saying that alien is an idiot or anything but it was my second choice my 1st choice was this menacing looking alien thats green ?? (idk whats the alien colour is cuz im reading the manga) but is actually kind hearted and wont take even a ladybug life but alas i didnt know his name :(
Anime: Gin tama/ Gintama

3)Username: giveuahint
Character name: undertaker
Reason of why taking this anime character: now i read black butler like an year ago so ive forgotten about the show alot but i do vaguely remember that undertaker usual gives the main charcter hint on where the goal lie the goal vaires from finding someone to catching someone(again ive read its like 1 year ago so i only remember like 3.5 villains the .5 belongs to someone who isnt an actual villian ??)
Anime: black butler

4)Username: jefftims
Character name: L
Reason of why taking this anime character: so jefftims and L share a lot of thing together no one knows about him that much in both the anime and us the watcher/reader and same for jefftims both us and the reader (probably would know if this was some sort of a book but thats a diff topic)
Anime: death note
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I LOVE IT | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I first wondered why you used a man, but then I read your reason, and I like it! Well done and thank you!
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i barely knew any character that talks in riddle
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I still wonder to this day how Usopp's nose got EVEN LONGER that his mother's. He got it from her, but his got crazy from telling lies probably...
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maybe he is pinocchio lol
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That has crossed my mind several times haha.
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