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F**k our political parties. The Moderate Left party is what I believe in, if I'm honest. Yes this a crap icon, no I don't care. I finished this at 2 AM, so I am so, so sorry if your offended self is only obliged to seeing quality works made after midnight.

Islam is not a religion of peace, but not all Muslims seek to kill.
Gay marriage may be vile in your belief, but no one’s belief is the government.
There are not 98 genders, but humanity isn’t confined be the one they’re born with.
Capitalism is evil, but so is communism.
The NRA is ran by lobbyists, but gun control laws will not work.
The Democratic party is populated with hypocrites, but so is the Republican party.
Cars are a convenient way of transportation, but trains could contribute highly to the economy.
Everyone should have equal rights and respect, but political correctness is not correct.
Pepe the Frog is not a hate symbol, but neither is he a meme for conservative normies.
Not all abortions are **pe cases, but it is still a right.
Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate, and so was Donald Trump.
The government doesn’t need to protect political correctness, but it doesn’t need to protect your company either.

Please don't pretend to believe my beliefs because if you do, you're nothing more than a sick f**k. sorry.
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What does the last line mean?
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It basically means that if a conservative or liberal says to me that they believe in this, yet they are polarized towards one belief in reality, then they are clearly lying to me. I don't appreciate liars.

However, I will say, if I wrote this at a time that wasn't between 2-3AM in the morning, that last line wouldn't be there.
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I agree with probably 90% of what you said. I believe that there are Muslims out there who truly do try to find peaceful teachings in their religion and follow them.

I don't believe in 98 genders, but I don't believe there are only two, either. I guess I see it as a spectrum, like sexual orientation.

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Hey man, you do you. Believe what you believe. That is the main goal of what I call the "Moderate left", or Mod. party for short. Unlike the Regressive Left and the Social Left, we actually tolerate different opinions and focus on actual issues (such as obesity and bad innercity infrastructure). Unlike the Democratic left, we relate to the actual working class.

I doubt this little party of mine will gain much traction because:
A) Nothing I do gets much traction; my SoundCloud fanbase is small, and I'm trying to get the word out about a webcomic I read and no one within a 500 ft radius of me knows (until I tell them that it exists).

B) The Mod. party's ideas are not mainstream. The world thinks a lot about gender and race relations. I think about trains and why they've been impractical in the US. The mainstream media has been appealing to one's emotions by talking too much about racism and sexual assault despite that: sexual assault is on the decline in society; Morgan Freeman said that the best way to stop racism is to stop talking about it. Yes, I believe in rights for every person to be born, but no I do not want to talk about it or make it an issue to discuss for presidential nominees.

C) If it does become mainstream, that'll become a problem. The mainstream left are often in an echo-chamber of individuals who preach the same things to each other, which is how the social left grew. Once one hears anything different, they will become defensive on how someone can think somewhat differently. I said previously that the Mod party's goal is to be tolerant. Being offended by another's opinion might cause a heated "political debate" thus ruining the accreditation of being tolerant that the Mod left will hold prior to being exposed to the mainstream. This is not just a problem for the left, but the right also. For example, the website known as IMGflip consists of constant feed of conservative-made mainstream memes that gain between 100-200 upvotes, sometimes more. Conservatives on IMGflip, at least most of them, have been known to get really defensive when hearing someone think differently. This is an issue regarding the social left on the site known as Tumblr, where it is infamously known that the echochamber allows for the mass production of made up LGBTQ+ terms.

Whoops... went into another walltext of a rant. :)
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