Life Cycle Flow Chart (Revised).

Life Cycle Flow Chart (Revised). | GOVERNMENTAL/ECONOMIC CYCLE OF CHANGE Corruptive Human Factor Republican/Free Market System Democratic/Mixed Economic System Communist/  Soc | image tagged in memes,politics,government,economy,chart,life cycle | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Contrary to Partisans from every part of the political spectrum, each governmental system can work but its success & longevity are highly dependent on who or what runs it. Thus, all represented systems in this chart have merit as each can be successful.

Now we all know, especially in the west, that the governments that allow for the most civil liberties are the most successful of countries; case and point: the US and UK. Yet there are exceptions if the ruler is a godly or an enlightened leader such as King Solomon of Israel in the Old Testament & Kaiser Wilhelm 1 of Germany (formerly Frederick Wilhelm IV). But due to the fallen nature of human beings (Genesis 8:21), change is inevitable. In the above chart, Republicanism represents one extreme and Authoritarianism the other extremity in the rulership pendulum.

Former can end because of governmental corruption or it's inability to solve serious problems the country is facing (the public will look for a stronger than usual personality). As for the latter, the more abusive the government or ruler is the more desirous the public will be for the alternative which will allow them greater freedoms without fear of harsh punishments.

This also applies to the economic system as well for which governments adopt. Respective governances do not always or strictly hold to a particular economic system as Communist China finally allowed the Free Market to solve its economic woes. And yet the more authoritative the state government is, the more inclined it would be to control commerce like everything else under their rule, with regulations & taxes. With that, when corruption sets in, there will be a public demand for change.

With Capitalism, its end often comes when greedy or ruthless bosses leads as they care more about profit then the basic well-being of their employees. it is for that reason Socialism grew in popularity during the Industrial Age. Not only that, the instance(s) of Crony Capitalism will spark public demands for more and more business regulations. As for the other, too much control & regulation over the economy will stifle growth. And when the economy falls (as rise & fall is normal), disaster often results.

Note: I didn't want to use Democracy as the other extreme because while it allows for greater civil liberties, it susceptible to majority rule. Republicanism, on the other hand, prevents "Tyranny of the Majority" as it allows for all to be represented & heard.
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GOVERNMENTAL/ECONOMIC CYCLE OF CHANGE; Democratic/Mixed Economic System; Republican/Free Market System; Corruptive Human Factor; Communist/ Socialistic Economic System; Authoritarian/ Micro-Economic System
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