Beautiful Vocaloid Mother's Day

Beautiful Vocaloid Mother's Day | Happy Mother's Day, Mom! | image tagged in miku floral art,hatsune miku,mother's day,vocaloid,anime,colors | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
285 views, 6 upvotes, Made by Jessethowski 6 months ago miku floral arthatsune mikumother's dayvocaloidanimecolors
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This looks like spiritual fox but more complicated, intricate, delicate and precise.
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. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I see my memes more like "visual art" in that some (like the one presented here [*click* on it--it's GIGANTIC!]) are so very detailed that they can take HOURS to design and make.
I'm a perfectionist, and now that they've upgraded the parameters of making the memes (and are continuing to do so!), there is so much more involved!
This meme took a LOT of photo editing, fine-tuning of the text color scheme, degradation of the text size, the text outline size, "eksetera"...
You get my point.
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Yes, I do get your point. It is an honor for us to have you, such an sacrificial and artistic individual with patience and creativity in our imgflip theme. Mostly I answer by comment only because I don't wast to disrespect your meme with my mediocre creativity.
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First let me say that I am HONORED that someone (from the site, no less!) appreciates the time and effort I put into my products!
I did as much as I could at first, but then you put in all those new creative parameters and I couldn't BELIEVE it!
The creativity level of the program had been boosted by literally several hundred percent, and as much fun as I was having with it, I suddenly found myself TRAPPED in front of my computer making computer art/memes/"ecksetera"!
As far as the first comment goes, I wholeheartedly disagree with it on pretty much every level, as I firmly believe that the creation of said works of art should be as effortless as possible, allowing for MORE to be produced.
I am dealing with a disability in that my right hand shakes when doing concentrated movements, making it more difficult than what would be considered "normal" to navigate through the program—so there's where my strength and endurance factors into this.
All things taken into consideration, I now find that—thanks to the excellence of your program—I (a total amateur at this and any kind of photo editing) am creating visual works of art that I never thought I’d be able to do!
A lot of my facebook comments consist strictly of memes, and I recently had a friend over who watched me make a “simple” meme—in forty-five minutes.
Needless to say, she was very impressed with the arduous amount of time and effort and patience I had in producing this…”simple” meme for her!
Quite a few of the “simple” pics I use were actually once more complicated pics that were heavily edited to look like they had nothing done to them—like they were just plain, simple pics all along—when a LOT of work went into making them look that way.
Anywho, thank you SO MUCH for your interest and it really is a pleasure for me to be able to talk to someone who is capable of understanding exactly what it is that I do with the creation of my memes!
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I find the new smaller visual of making the memes to be EXTREMELY more frustrating however, as for me it helps substantially to get a more fine-tuned visual detail of my work.
I am painfully aware, from looking through the featured memes, that I am in what is most likely less that a hundredth of a percent of the users who take this program to such lengths...but then, maybe not.
Why else would they put the parameters in there, then?
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But frustration is such a delicious emotion to feed on for the soul. It makes you stronger or enduring. Basically enduring and endearing, but never endangered species. Like a girl just left you, who you adored and thought the real thing, but the suffering of her leaving is more delish than her staying and enjoying her. It hurts so good.
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Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
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