IMGFLIP, the pinnacle of human achievement

IMGFLIP, the pinnacle of human achievement | EVEREST, CHECK! NOW ONTO THE LEADERBOARD | image tagged in imgflip,leaderboard | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
212 views, 4 upvotes, Made by BenToutashape 7 months ago imgflipleaderboard
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First World Problems Meme | CLIMBING EVEREST SEEMS EASY COMPARED TO MAKING THE LEADERBOARD | image tagged in memes,first world problems | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Not when you have a few terabytes worth of of JLH pics to turn into memes!
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. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Just a small sampling lol
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But you've already got several BAZILLION points in the can there!

Most flippers are still working on their first bazillion. ;-p

Personally, I'd rather just be seen. Nothing more deflating than to spend an hour on a kick ass graphic and get 22 views.

Google image search from now on...

Here's a tip: Insult a news outlet. Works for me. ;-)
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Yeah, in a previous life on IMGFLIP, I had a few front pagers and was on the weekly leaderboard for a while, but it's exhausting! It takes a lot of time to keep up the effort. Like you say it's just nice to make some funny stuff and get people to see and comment on it and have a few laughs.
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Yup. You know what it's like... all the fan mail and responses - I can't keep up. And sometimes I see that I missed some due to the Notification counter. It doesn't always work.

But I want to make sure everyone who takes the time to stop by and click gets the respect they deserve. After all, they could have issued a 'courtesy smirk' and kept going with NO view and NO upvote. And it takes even MORE time and effort to leave a comment - especially a meme.

Many of the meme responses are better than my originals. Always sh!t I would have never thought of... my favorite part!

I don't know how the Top people find the time to do it. Mad props from me though... I'm always amazed at what they must endure. A few nights ago I had to stay up until 2:30 AM to respond. I took the DAY off and did other things... couldn't chance the accumulation if I went to sleep without responding.

Think it's a challenge being creative during the day? Try it way past your normal sleep time!

OK, I'd better stop. Don't want to appear ungrateful. I enjoy making memes and interacting with EVERYONE. Just a little whelmed. OK, almost overwhelmed. ;-p
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